PDS Data Release Summary

PDS DATA DELIVERY : September 28, 2007

This is a maintenance release of the Validation Tool including fixes and changes requested by the early adopters of the application. In this release, the Validation Tool application has been split out from the product-tools project in order to provide more specific documentation and to turn the product-tools project into a library of classes that can be included by other projects. The new project containing the Validation Tool application is named vtool.

Normal users of the Validation Tool should download and install one of the Validation Tool (vtool) binary distribution packages. Developers of applications wishing to utilize the core software classes or to view the source code should download one of the Product Tools (product-tools) binary or source distribution packages.

Name Release Description
Product Tools 1.1.0 PDS Product Tools Software
Validation Tool 1.1.0 PDS Validation Tool Software