PDS Data Release Summary

PDS DATA ANNOUNCEMENT: September 30, 2023

Aperiodic Data released in September 2023
PDS3 DatasetID or PDS4 BundleLID Title Coverage Release
MEX-M-MRS-1/2/3-EXT8-*-V1.0 MEX: Radio Science extended mission 8 2022.05.06 - 2022.06.21 2023.09.19
MEX-M-MRS-1/2/3-EXT7-*-V1.0 MEX: Radio Science extended mission 7 2020.08.17 - 2020.09.27 2023.09.19
urn:nasa:pds:mgs_tes_atmos_dust-ice MGS: TES Atmospheric Column Optical Depths for Dust and Water Ice 1999.02.28 - 2004.08.31 2023.09.14
MRO-M-SHARAD-5-RADARGRAM-V2.0 MRO: SHARAD Radargrams release 66 (delayed) 2022.11.13 - 2023.02.14 2023.09.13
urn:nasa:pds:mars2020_sample_dossier Mars 2020 Sample Dossier Bundle* 2021.02.18 - 2023.09.12
urn:nasa:pds:mex_marsis_optim MEX: Optimized MARSIS Radargram Data 2005.06.29 - 2022.05.05 2023.09.06
urn:nasa:pds:mro_sharad_simulations MRO: SHARAD Clutter Simulations 2006.12.06 - 2022.11.13 2023.09.01
*The Mars 2020 Sample Dossier Bundle release includes the Initial Reports Volumes for drilled samples 1-21. These reports contain information on each of the core samples, including geologic context, workspace observations, and applicable science results from various Perseverance instruments. Note: Additional collections will be added at a future date, which will include engineering data related to the acquisition of each core sample and a User's Guide

Periodic Data released in September 2023, all previously announced
Product Type Product Name Release Link
Odyssey release 85 GRS, RADIO SCIENCE, SPICE, THEMIS 2023.09.29 Open
Mars InSight release 18 APSS HP3/RAD ICC/IDC IDA IFG RISE SEIS SPICE 2023.09.29 Open
LRO release 55 CRaTER DLRE LEND LOLA LROC SPICE 2023.09.15 Open
MRO release 66 CRISM CTX HiRISE MARCI MCS RSS SPICE 2023.09.01 Open
Hayabusa2 MASCOT MASCAM MASCAM 2023.08.30 Open
Hayabusa2 MASCOT MARA MARA 2023.08.30 Open