PDS Data Release Summary

PDS DATA DELIVERY : March 6, 2024, Hayabusa2 MASCOT Magnetometer Release

Bundle Products
Bundle LID Title
More Info
urn:jaxa:darts:hyb2_mascot_mag* Hayabusa2 MASCOT Magnetometer bundle data 2018.10.02 to 2018.10.03
urn:jaxa:darts:hyb2 Hayabusa2 Mission bundle docs through 2021.10.14
urn:jaxa:darts:hyb2_lidar Hayabusa2 LIDAR bundle data through 2019.11.14
urn:jaxa:darts:hyb2_mascot_mara Hayabusa2 MASCOT MARA Radiometer bundle data 2018.10.02 to 2018.10.03
urn:jaxa:darts:hyb2_mascot_mascam Hayabusa2 MASCOT Camera bundle data 2018.10.03 to 2018.10.03
urn:jaxa:darts:hyb2_nirs3 Hayabusa2 NIRS3 bundle data through 2020.04.30
urn:jaxa:darts:hyb2_onc Hayabusa2 ONC bundle data through 2019.11.19
urn:jaxa:darts:hyb2_tir Hayabusa2 TIR bundle data through 2019.11.12
*newly released