PDS Data Products

Data Set ID : LRO-L-LROC-5-RDR-V1.0
Release : 0027
Data Set Name : LRO MOON LROC 5 RDR V1.0
Description : LRO-LROC Release 27 - RDRs Total RDR storage size for this release is ~64.1GB. This update represents the addition of six (6) new NAC DTM products: LROLRC_2001/DATA/SDP/NAC_DTM/COPRNEJCT LROLRC_2001/DATA/SDP/NAC_DTM/COPRNEJCT01 LROLRC_2001/DATA/SDP/NAC_DTM/COPRNEJCT02 LROLRC_2001/DATA/SDP/NAC_DTM/DOLLANDB LROLRC_2001/DATA/SDP/NAC_DTM/PLATOT LROLRC_2001/DATA/SDP/NAC_DTM/TMAYERDOME1 And an additional five (5) new NAC ROI mosaic products: LROLRC_2001/DATA/BDR/NAC_ROI/EULERCNELOA LROLRC_2001/DATA/BDR/NAC_ROI/ALPHNSUSLOA LROLRC_2001/DATA/BDR/NAC_ROI/APENNINELOA LROLRC_2001/DATA/BDR/NAC_ROI/VANDGRAFLOB LROLRC_2001/DATA/BDR/NAC_ROI/INADCALDHIB with an additional three hundred ninety two (392) new NAC anaglyph products in the EXTRAS directory.