Attributes in the nucspec namespace.

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coefficient in Polynomial_​Term
comment in Detector
comment in Observing_​Condition
comment in State_​Table_​Entry
condition_active in Observing_​Condition
condition_source in Observing_​Condition
condition_type in Observing_​Conditions
description in Detector
et_start in Time_​Range_​ET
et_stop in Time_​Range_​ET
first_record in First_​Count
first_record in First_​Last
last_record in First_​Last
name in Detector
order in Polynomial_​Term
record_count in First_​Count
sclk_start_time in Time_​Range_​SCLK
sclk_stop_time in Time_​Range_​SCLK
state_index in State_​Table_​Entry
state_time_field_name in State_​Time
utc_start_time in Time_​Range_​UTC
utc_stop_time in Time_​Range_​UTC

These attributes are used by the classes in the nucspec namespace.