geometry_reference_time_tdb in Geometry_​Orbiter

Name: geometry_reference_time_tdbVersion Id:
Description: The geometry reference time given in the 'Barycentric Dynamical Time' system, as a number of elapsed seconds since the J2000 epoch. This is consistent with the definition of 'ephemeris time' as used in the SPICE toolkit. The value must correspond to the time specified in the geometry_reference_time_utc attribute.
Namespace Id: geomSteward: geoClass Name: Geometry_​OrbiterType: ASCII_​Real
Minimum Value: -1.7976931348623157e308Maximum Value: 1.7976931348623157e308Minimum Characters: NoneMaximum Characters: None
Unit of Measure Type: Units_of_TimeDefault Unit Id: NoneAttribute Concept: NoneConceptual Domain: REAL
Status: ActiveNillable: falsePattern: None
Permissible Value(s)No Values