Raw data records for Framing Camera 1 during the Dawn Ceres extended mission.

Citation Nathues, A., H. Sierks, P. Gutierrez-Marques, S. Schroeder, T. Maue, I. Buettner, M. Richards, U. Chistensen, U. Keller, DAWN FC1 RAW (EDR) CERES IMAGES V1.0, DAWN-A-FC1-2-EDR-CERES-IMAGES-V1.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 2017.
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Data Set Abstract Abstract ======== This dataset contains raw Framing Camera 1 (FC1) images sometimes called level-1a or EDR data. It includes images from the Dawn Ceres eXtended Mission 1 Orbit 3 (XMO3, aka Ceres Extended GRaND - CXG) phase on 2017-02-19 and the Ceres eXtended Mission Orbit 4 (XMO4, aka Ceres Extended Opposition - CXO) phase on 2017-04-29. In addition, there are images from eXtended Mission 2 (XM2), orbits XMO6 (C2I - intermediate), and XMO7 (C2E - elliptical) as well as some checkout and end-of-mission star calibration images.FC1 is one of two identical units flying on the Dawn spacecraft. It was designated as the backup system to be used only in the event of a failure of the primary system, FC2. Prior to the Ceres extended mission, FC1 had only been used for in-flight calibration and to periodically exercise its various mechanisms (door, filter wheel, etc.). This is the only science dataset generated by FC1.
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    Data Set Information DAWN-A-FC1-2-EDR-CERES-IMAGES-V1.0
    Instrument Host Information DAWN
    Instrument Information FC1
    Target Information 1 CERES