Compiled mean U-B abd B-V color indices of asteroids

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Data Set Abstract This is a compilation of mean U-B and B-V color indices of asteroids. This data file was provided by E.F. Tedesco, MRC and is a *preliminary* version. The version actually published will include UBV observations published through 1994 and the individual, referenced and commented, observations from which the average value was obtained. This dataset presents Johnson system U-B and B-V colors (or colors transformable to them) for asteroids, obtained between 1951 and 1989 and published through mid-1990. In addition, it uses Ted Bowell's unpublished observations from the Lowell UBV Asteroid Survey. The 978 mean U-B color indices are derived from 3,476 U-B observations. The 1,020 mean B-V color indices are derived from 4,010 B-V observations.
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