Derived diameters and albedoes of asteroids, plus associated data on sightings and non-sightings, extracted from the IRAS archives

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Data Set Abstract The data presented with this data set include: (a) 8210 individual sightings associated with 2004 asteroids, (b) averaged radiometric diameters and geometric albedos derived from individual observations for 1796 numbered asteroids and 88 unnumbered asteroids (as of 1983) whose orbital elements were determined using astrometry from two or more apparitions; (c) an entry for each of 120 asteroids for which there is an accepted sighting; (d) entries for each of 4677 numbered asteroids and 2632 unnumbered asteroids (as of 1985) for which associations were sought in the IRAS data; (e) A summary of the number of times each asteroid was predicted to be scanned, and possible reasons for any failure to be detected.
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