The MESSENGER EPPS uncalibrated observations consist of energetic particle and plasma data collected by the EPPS instrument during fly-by and orbital operations of Mercury. Also included are cruise observations for calibration purposes.

Citation G. C. Ho (APL), EPPS UNCALIBRATED (EDR) DATA E/V/H V1.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 2008
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Data Set Abstract Abstract ======== This data set consists of the MESSENGER Energetic Particle and Plasma Spectrometer (EPPS) uncalibrated observations, also known as EDRs. The system encompasses 2 instrument subsystems - the Energetic Particle Spectrometer (EPS) and the Fast Imaging Plasma Spectrometer (FIPS). EPS covers the energy range of 25 to > 500 keV for electrons, and 10 keV/nucleon to ~3 MeV total energy for ions. FIPS covers the energy/ charge range of < 50 eV/q to 20 keV/q. There are nine EDR data products, four of science and ancillary data for the EPS and the FIPS, and one of engineering and status for the total EPPS instrument.
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    Mission Information MESSENGER
    Data Set Information MESS-E/V/H/SW-EPPS-2-FIPS-RAWDATA-V1.0
    Instrument Host Information MESS
    Instrument Information EPPS
    Target Information CALIBRATION