The MESSENGER XRS CDR data consist of x-ray spectra and instrument data collected by the XRS instrument during cruise, fly-by and orbital operations at Mercury, along with observations of Venus, and observations taken of Cassiopeia-A for calibration.

Citation R. D. Starr (GSFC), MESSENGER E/V/H XRS CALIBRATED (CDR) SPECTRA V1.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 2010.
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Data Set Abstract Abstract ======== This data set consists of the MESSENGER XRS calibrated observations, also known as CDRs. Each XRS observation results in four X-ray spectra. When an X-ray interacts with one of the four detectors, a charge or voltage pulse is generated. This signal is converted into one of 2^8 (256) channels, which are correlated to energy. Over a commanded integration time period a histogram of counts as a function of energy (channel number) is recorded. The EDRs are the number of events in each channel of the four detectors accumulated over the integration period. Channels above or below the useful energy range of the detectors are not transmitted. The result is three 244-channel GPC histograms and one 231-channel solar monitor histogram, each of which is designated as a single X-ray spectrum. In addition to the science data, associated instrument parameters are included.
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    Additional Information
    Mission Information MESSENGER
    Data Set Information MESS-E/V/H-XRS-3-CDR-SPECTRA-V1.0
    Instrument Host Information MESS
    Instrument Information XRS
    Target Information CALIBRATION