Digital Elevation Model data for the MDIS camera system on MESSENGER.

Citation K. Becker, M. Robinson, F. Pruesker, MESSENGER MDIS DEM V1.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 2015
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.17189/1520282
Data Set Abstract Abstract ======== The MESSENGER MDIS DEMs are derived products. A DEM is a gridded (raster) product that records elevation values of a given terrain in each pixel. Corresponding metadata include map projection information so pixels can be associated with latitude and longitude. Values are measured relative to the planetary geoid reference radius of 2,439.4 km (i.e. elevation). Generally, the MESSENGER DEM products described here are derived from MESSENGER MDIS image data. The DEMs are typically derived using stereo photogrammetry (i.e., stereo pairs or sets) techniques. The primary PDS product is a DEM provided in both PDS image (.IMG) and JPEG 2000 (.JP2) format files. Associated with some of the DEM products is a list of lower-level MDIS products provided either as an accompanying table (*.TAB) file or as text (*.TXT) files in the EXTRAS directory.
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    Additional Information
    Mission Information MESSENGER
    Data Set Information MESS-H-MDIS-5-DEM-ELEVATION-V1.0
    Instrument Host Information MESS
    Instrument Information MDIS-NAC
    Target Information MERCURY