MGS Laser Altimeter Passive Radiometry Measurements

Citation Smith, D., G. Neumann, E. A. Guinness, and S. Slavney, Mars Global Surveyor Laser Altimeter Precision Radiometry Data Record, NASA Planetary Data System, MGS-M-MOLA-3-PRDR-L1A-V1.0, 2004.
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.17189/1519490
Data Set Abstract The Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter not only provides surface topography from the laser pulse time-of-flight, but also two radiometric measurements, the active measurement of transmitted and reflected laser pulse energy, and the passive measurement of reflected solar illumination. The passive radiometry measurement is accomplished in a novel fashion by monitoring the noise density at the output of the photodetector and solving for the amount of background light. The passive radiometry measurements provide images of Mars at 1064-nm wavelength over a 2 nm bandwidth with sub-km spatial resolution and with 2% or better precision under full illumination.
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    Additional Information
    Mission Information MARS GLOBAL SURVEYOR
    Data Set Information MGS-M-MOLA-3-PRDR-L1A-V1.0
    Instrument Host Information MGS
    Instrument Information MOLA
    Target Information MARS