The Initial Experiment Gridded Data Record (IEGDR) archive (V1.0) contains preliminary versions of the MEGDRs, which are global topographic maps of Mars generated using MGS-MOLA altimetry data (superseded by MGS-M-MOLA-5-IEGDR-L3-V2.0).

Citation Smith, D. E., MOLA INITIAL EXPERIMENT GRIDDED DATA RECORD, MGS-M-MOLA-5-IEGDR-L3-V1.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 1999
Data Set Abstract The IEGDR product is a global map of planetary radius, areiod,topography, and number of observations, derived from MOLA PEDR products and aggregated into latitude-longitude bins. The IEGDR is released in two formats, an ASCII table and an image. The table (this data set) has one row for each latitude-longitude bin, from 90 to -90 degrees latitude and from 0 to 360 degrees longitude. Values for planetary radius, areoid, topography, and number of observations per bin are stored as columns in the table.
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    Additional Information
    Mission Information MARS GLOBAL SURVEYOR
    Data Set Information MGS-M-MOLA-5-IEGDR-L3-V1.0
    Instrument Host Information MGS
    Instrument Information MOLA
    Target Information