This dataset contains RPCMAG CALIBRATED DATA of the COMET ESCORT 4 Phase. Included are data 21.10.2015 - 12.01.2016.

Citation Glassmeier K.-H., Richter I., Koenders C., Goetz C., Eichelberger. H, Cupido E., ROSETTA RPCMAG ESCORT 4 PHASE (ESC4) CALIBRATED DATA RECORD V6.0, RO-C-RPCMAG-3-ESC4-CALIBRATED-V6.0, ESA Planetary Science Archive and NASA Planetary Data System, 2016
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Data Set Abstract This dataset contains CALIBRATED (CODMAC LEVEL 3) DATA of the COMET ESCORT 4 Phase (ESC4)from October 21, 2015 until January 12, 2016 of the ROSETTA orbiter magnetometer RPCMAG. Observations are done in the vicinity of comet 67P/CHURYUMOV-GERASIMENKO 1 (1969 R1). The current version of the dataset is V6.0, the first one being archived.
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    Additional Information
    Data Set Information RO-C-RPCMAG-3-ESC4-CALIBRATED-V6.0
    Instrument Host Information RO
    Instrument Information RPCMAG
    Target Information 67P/CHURYUMOV-GERASIMENKO 1 (1969 R1)