This dataset contains Earth swing-by 1 RAW DATA from the RPCICA instrument.

Citation Nilsson, H., ROSETTA-ORBITER 67P RPCICA 2 EAR1 UNCALIBRATED V2.0, RO-E-RPCICA-2-EAR1-RAW-V2.0, ESA Planetary Science Archive and NASA Planetary Data System, 2017.
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Data Set Abstract This dataset contains RAW DATA from the RPCICA instrument on mission ROSETTA during Earth the first Earth swingby. Due to an overheating event RPC-ICA only obtained data from the deep tail at about 200 RE tailward distance. Protons at about 10 KeV energy were observed throughout the observation period. Magnetosheath like populations of protons and alpha particles were observed during most of the observation period. Data set version 2 replaces a previously delivered data set. Important changes are the ordering of the energy levels which now go from low to high and that the quality flag in the labels is updated.
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    Data Set Information RO-E-RPCICA-2-EAR1-RAW-V2.0
    Instrument Host Information RO
    Instrument Information RPCICA
    Target Information EARTH