These are magnetometer data (MISCHA) from the Vega 1 spacecraft in the cruise phase, 22 Dec 1984 through 31Dec 1986.

Citation Delva M., A. V. Dyachkov, VEGA1 CRUISE MAGNETOMETER DATA, VEGA1-SW-MISCHA-3-RDR-CRUISE-V1.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 1997.
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Data Set Abstract On Dec 15, 1984, the Vega spacecraft was launched to first flyby Venus at which time landers were released and then continue to a flyby of Halley. The magnetic field experiments MISCHA carried four fluxgate sensors, with three sensors mounted on a boom at the end of the solar panels and the fourth sensor mounted one meter closer. During the cruise phase, the TRASSA-1 mode of the instrument (1 vector/2.5 min) was used. The sensors were switched to the TRASSA-2 mode (1 vector/min) during the flyby which started roughly two days before the encounter. From 3 h before closest approach (CA) until 1 hour after CA, the HS-mode 1 vector/6s) and the DT-mode (1 vector/100ms) was used [DELVAETAL1991].
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    Mission Information VEGA 1
    Data Set Information VEGA1-SW-MISCHA-3-RDR-CRUISE-V1.0
    Instrument Host Information VEGA1
    Instrument Information MISCHA
    Target Information 1P/HALLEY 1 (1682 Q1)