Voyager 2 Magnetometer (MAG) data in System III (1965) coordinates from the Jupiter encounter. The data set provides 48 second averages of the magnetic field data.

Citation Ness, N.F., Connerney, J.E., Leeping, R.P., VG2-J-MAG-4-SUMM-S3COORDS-48.0SEC-V1.1, VG2 JUP MAG RESAMPLED SYSTEM III (1965) COORDS 48.0SEC V1.1, NASA Planetary Data System, 1997.
Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.17189/1519947
Data Set Abstract This data set includes Voyager 2 Jupiter encounter magnetometer data from the Low Field Magnetometer (LFM) resampled at a 48 second sample rate. The data are given in Jovicentric System III right handed coordinates and have been averaged from the 60 ms instrument sample rate to a 48 second resampled rate. Ephemeris data, provided in 96 second sampled System III (1965) coordinates, have been merged into the data files for this data set. The ephemeris data, generated from Voyager 2 SEDR and provided by the Voyager MAG Team, are part of the data set VG2-J-POS-6-SUMM-S3COORDS-V1.1. The position vectors for times at which ephemeris is not provided have been flagged.
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    Additional Information
    Mission Information VOYAGER
    Data Set Information VG2-J-MAG-4-SUMM-S3COORDS-48.0SEC-V1.1
    Instrument Host Information VG2
    Instrument Information MAG
    Target Information JUPITER