Instrument Host Information
Instrument Host Overview
    The MMT Observatory, a joint venture of the Smithsonian Institution and
    the University of Arizona, comprises an f/1.25 primary 6.5-meter
    aperture, open-tube, altitude-azimuth mount telescope with ancillary
    equipment.  The telescope described here is located at the summit of Mt.
    Hopkins about 55 kilometers (30 miles) south of Tucson, as part of the
    Whipple Observatory grounds in southern Arizona.  The current telescope
    is a retrofit and adaptation of the original MMT telescope cluster of
    six 1.8-meter diameter telescopes that created an equivalent 4.3-meter
    diameter telescope.  The engineering firm Simpson, Gumpertz & Heger
    designed the new telescope and optics structures and modifications to
    the observatory building.  The Steward Observatory Mirror Laboratory
    produced the single 6.5-meter mirror.
    Three interchangeable secondary mirrors have focal ratios f/5.27
    (providing a 1-degree field of view), f/9, and an infrared-optimized
    deformable f/15 mirror for adaptive optics (providing the greatest
    spatial resolution).
    Observatory address:
      MMT Observatory
      Po Box 210065
      University Of Arizona
      Tucson, AZ  85721
    6.5M telescope parameters:
      Longitude -110.88500 (-110 deg 53 min 06 sec)
      Latitude 31.68833 (+31 deg 41 min 18 sec)
      Altitude 2606 meters
    See Blanco et al., 'The New MMT', SPIE 5489, 2004. It can be located at
REFERENCE_DESCRIPTION Blanco, D., et al., The New MMT, SPIE 5489, 2004.