Data Set Information
DATA_SET_TERSE_DESCRIPTION This data set consists of edited browse data originally obtained from the VG1 PRA instrument near Jupiter. Data are provided for 70 instrument channels covering the range from 1.2 kHz to 1326 kHz in uniform 19.2 kHz steps, each 1 kHz wide.
Data Set Overview
    Instrument P.I.     : James W.  Warwick
    Data Supplier       : Michael L. Kaiser
    Data sampling rate  : 48 seconds
    Data Set Start Time : 1979-01-06T00:00:48.000Z
    Data Set Stop Time  : 1979-04-13T23:58:24.000Z

    This data set consists of edited browse data derived from an
    original data set obtained from the Voyager 1 Planetary Radio
    Astronomy (PRA) instrument in the vicinity of Jupiter.  Data
    are provided for 70 instrument channels covering the range from
    1.2 kHz to 1326 kHz in uniform 19.2 kHz steps, each 1 kHz wide.
    Data are included for the period 1979-01-06 00:00:48 through
    1979-04-13 23:58:24.  In order to produce this data set from
    the original raw PRA data, several steps have been taken:

    1. The PRA operates in a variety of modes; data from modes in
       which the receiver does not scan rapidly through its frequency
       range have been removed;

    2. The data have been calibrated as best we know how;

    3. The data have been split into Left Hand Circular (LHC) and
       Right Hand Circular (RHC) components;

    4. The data have been binned into 48-second intervals.

    Thus, values at a given channel are separated in time by an
    increment of 48 seconds; each 48-second time interval has
    associated with it a value for LHC polarization and one for RHC

    During data gaps, the entire record is absent from the data
    set; that is, missing records have not been zero-filled or
    otherwise marked.  Bad data within a record is indicated by the
    value zero, which cannot otherwise occur.

    Each datum is returned as a 16-bit quantity; it represents the
    mean power received in the given channel at the specified time
    and polarization.  The returned quantity is the value in mB
    about a reference flux density.  To convert a returned quantity
    to flux, use the formula:

    flux   = 7.0x10^(-22)x10^(mB/1000) W m-2 Hz-1


    Data Set Parameter 'RADIO WAVE SPECTRUM'
      Data Set Parameter Name        : RADIO WAVE SPECTRUM
      Data Set Parameter Unit        : MILLIBEL
      Sampling Parameter Name        : TIME
      Sampling Parameter Unit        : SECOND
      Sampling Parameter Resolution  : 0.001
      Sampling Parameter Interval    : 48
      Minimum Available Sampling Int : 12
      Noise Level                    : 2400

      A set of derived parameters consisting of power fluxes at
      various contiguous frequencies over a range of frequencies.
      Millibels may be converted to watts/m**2/Hz by using the
      formula for flux indicated above.

  Source Instrument Parameters
    Instrument Host ID              : VG1
    Data Set Parameter Name         : RADIO WAVE SPECTRUM
    Instrument Parameter Name       : WAVE FLUX DENSITY
                                      ELECTRIC FIELD WAVEFORM
                                      ELECTRIC FIELD COMPONENT
                                      MAGNETIC FIELD COMPONENT
                                      WAVE ELECTRIC FIELD INTENSITY
                                      WAVE MAGNETIC FIELD INTENSITY
    Important Instrument Parameters : 1 (for all parameters)

  Data Coverage

    Filename Records Start                     Stop
    T790106  1565    1979-01-06T00:00:48.000Z  1979-01-06T23:59:12.000Z
    T790107  1430    1979-01-07T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-07T23:59:12.000Z
    T790108  1454    1979-01-08T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-08T23:59:12.000Z
    T790109  1518    1979-01-09T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-09T23:59:12.000Z
    T790110  1517    1979-01-10T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-10T23:59:12.000Z
    T790111  1522    1979-01-11T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-11T23:59:12.000Z
    T790112  1460    1979-01-12T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-12T23:25:36.000Z
    T790113   298    1979-01-13T07:27:12.000Z  1979-01-13T23:58:24.000Z
    T790114  1460    1979-01-14T00:00:48.000Z  1979-01-14T23:59:12.000Z
    T790115  1535    1979-01-15T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-15T23:59:12.000Z
    T790116  1424    1979-01-16T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-16T23:59:12.000Z
    T790117  1442    1979-01-17T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-17T23:59:12.000Z
    T790118  1440    1979-01-18T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-18T23:59:12.000Z
    T790119  1371    1979-01-19T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-19T23:59:12.000Z
    T790120  1396    1979-01-20T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-20T23:59:12.000Z
    T790121  1540    1979-01-21T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-21T23:58:24.000Z
    T790122  1551    1979-01-22T00:00:48.000Z  1979-01-22T23:59:12.000Z
    T790123  1039    1979-01-23T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-23T23:59:12.000Z
    T790124  1407    1979-01-24T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-24T23:58:24.000Z
    T790125  1515    1979-01-25T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-25T23:59:12.000Z
    T790126  1575    1979-01-26T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-26T23:59:12.000Z
    T790127  1556    1979-01-27T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-27T23:59:12.000Z
    T790128  1578    1979-01-28T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-28T23:59:12.000Z
    T790129  1602    1979-01-29T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-29T23:57:36.000Z
    T790130  1625    1979-01-30T00:01:36.000Z  1979-01-30T23:59:12.000Z
    T790131  1775    1979-01-31T00:00:48.000Z  1979-01-31T23:59:12.000Z
    T790201  1751    1979-02-01T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-01T23:59:12.000Z
    T790202  1704    1979-02-02T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-02T23:24:48.000Z
    T790203  1250    1979-02-03T06:25:36.000Z  1979-02-03T23:59:12.000Z
    T790204  1607    1979-02-04T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-04T23:59:12.000Z
    T790205  1659    1979-02-05T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-05T23:59:12.000Z
    T790206  1409    1979-02-06T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-06T23:59:12.000Z
    T790207  1648    1979-02-07T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-07T23:58:24.000Z
    T790208  1676    1979-02-08T00:00:00.000Z  1979-02-08T23:59:12.000Z
    T790209  1219    1979-02-09T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-09T23:59:12.000Z
    T790210  1604    1979-02-10T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-10T23:24:00.000Z
    T790211  1190    1979-02-11T06:24:48.000Z  1979-02-11T23:57:36.000Z
    T790212  1678    1979-02-12T00:06:24.000Z  1979-02-12T23:59:12.000Z
    T790213  1655    1979-02-13T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-13T23:59:12.000Z
    T790214  1457    1979-02-14T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-14T23:59:12.000Z
    T790215  1661    1979-02-15T00:01:36.000Z  1979-02-15T23:59:12.000Z
    T790216  1533    1979-02-16T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-16T23:59:12.000Z
    T790217  1678    1979-02-17T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-17T23:59:12.000Z
    T790218  1692    1979-02-18T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-18T23:59:12.000Z
    T790219  1611    1979-02-19T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-19T23:59:12.000Z
    T790220  1600    1979-02-20T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-20T23:23:12.000Z
    T790221  1272    1979-02-21T01:24:00.000Z  1979-02-21T23:59:12.000Z
    T790222  1730    1979-02-22T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-22T23:59:12.000Z
    T790223  1764    1979-02-23T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-23T23:59:12.000Z
    T790224  1645    1979-02-24T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-24T23:59:12.000Z
    T790225  1700    1979-02-25T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-25T23:59:12.000Z
    T790226  1679    1979-02-26T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-26T23:59:12.000Z
    T790227  1710    1979-02-27T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-27T23:59:12.000Z
    T790228  1697    1979-02-28T00:00:48.000Z  1979-02-28T23:58:24.000Z
    T790301  1674    1979-02-29T00:00:00.000Z  1979-02-29T23:58:24.000Z
    T790302  1694    1979-03-02T00:00:00.000Z  1979-03-02T23:59:12.000Z
    T790303  1381    1979-03-03T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-03T23:59:12.000Z
    T790304  1700    1979-03-04T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-04T23:59:12.000Z
    T790305  1701    1979-03-05T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-05T23:59:12.000Z
    T790306  1661    1979-03-06T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-06T23:59:12.000Z
    T790307  1726    1979-03-07T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-07T23:59:12.000Z
    T790308  1700    1979-03-08T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-08T23:59:12.000Z
    T790309  1714    1979-03-09T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-09T23:59:12.000Z
    T790310  1635    1979-03-10T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-10T23:59:12.000Z
    T790311  1718    1979-03-11T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-11T23:59:12.000Z
    T790312  1676    1979-03-12T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-12T23:59:12.000Z
    T790313  1731    1979-03-13T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-13T23:59:12.000Z
    T790314  1709    1979-03-14T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-14T23:59:12.000Z
    T790315  1654    1979-03-15T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-15T23:58:24.000Z
    T790316  1617    1979-03-16T00:00:00.000Z  1979-03-16T23:59:12.000Z
    T790317  1670    1979-03-17T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-17T23:54:24.000Z
    T790318  1667    1979-03-18T00:06:24.000Z  1979-03-18T23:58:24.000Z
    T790319  1674    1979-03-19T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-19T23:59:12.000Z
    T790320  1674    1979-03-20T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-20T23:59:12.000Z
    T790321  1664    1979-03-21T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-21T23:59:12.000Z
    T790322  1647    1979-03-22T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-22T23:59:12.000Z
    T790323  1676    1979-03-23T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-23T23:59:12.000Z
    T790324  1669    1979-03-24T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-24T23:59:12.000Z
    T790325  1685    1979-03-25T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-25T23:59:12.000Z
    T790326  1366    1979-03-26T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-26T23:59:12.000Z
    T790327   660    1979-03-27T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-27T09:09:36.000Z
    T790328  1354    1979-03-28T00:20:00.000Z  1979-03-28T23:59:12.000Z
    T790329  1692    1979-03-29T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-29T23:59:12.000Z
    T790330  1651    1979-03-30T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-30T23:59:12.000Z
    T790331  1666    1979-03-31T00:00:48.000Z  1979-03-31T23:58:24.000Z
    T790401  1666    1979-03-32T00:00:00.000Z  1979-03-32T23:59:12.000Z
    T790402  1570    1979-04-02T00:00:48.000Z  1979-04-02T23:59:12.000Z
    T790403  1652    1979-04-03T00:00:48.000Z  1979-04-03T23:53:36.000Z
    T790404  1636    1979-04-04T00:01:36.000Z  1979-04-04T23:59:12.000Z
    T790405  1140    1979-04-05T00:00:48.000Z  1979-04-05T23:59:12.000Z
    T790406  1678    1979-04-06T00:00:48.000Z  1979-04-06T23:59:12.000Z
    T790407  1622    1979-04-07T00:00:48.000Z  1979-04-07T23:59:12.000Z
    T790408  1695    1979-04-08T00:00:48.000Z  1979-04-08T23:59:12.000Z
    T790409  1433    1979-04-09T00:00:48.000Z  1979-04-09T20:34:24.000Z
    T790410  1250    1979-04-10T05:28:48.000Z  1979-04-10T23:20:00.000Z
    T790411   287    1979-04-11T14:03:12.000Z  1979-04-11T23:59:12.000Z
    T790412  1671    1979-04-12T00:00:48.000Z  1979-04-12T23:59:12.000Z
    T790413  1601    1979-04-13T00:00:48.000Z  1979-04-13T23:58:24.000Z
DATA_SET_RELEASE_DATE 1998-05-01T00:00:00.000Z
START_TIME 1979-01-06T12:00:48.000Z
STOP_TIME 1979-04-13T11:58:24.000Z
MISSION_START_DATE 1972-07-01T12:00:00.000Z
NODE_NAME Planetary Plasma Interactions
Confidence Level Overview
    This data set includes all the available low-rate scanning mode
    data for the frequency range below 1326 kHz for the time
    interval covered.  Known bad data have been set to zero.  Data
    which appear to exceed the Full Scale Deflection (FSD) of the
    instrument (i.e.  the most intense signal which can be measured
    reliably) have also been set to a zero (should they occur).
    Planetary Radio Astronomy (PRA) suffers from interference from
    many other instruments aboard the spacecraft.  No attempt had
    been made to remove these interferences in this data set.  Two
    obvious examples are the 136 and 193 kHz channels which are
    nearly always contaminated by interference.

    The separation into LHC and RHC polarization components is
    performed on the basis of the polarization of the incoming wave
    as perceived by the instrument.  This takes into account
    neither the antenna transfer function nor the spacecraft
    orientation with respect to the source.  In general, the
    mapping of perceived polarization back to emitted polarization
    cannot be solved without a knowledge of both of these factors,
    as well as a knowledge of the type of polarization coming from
    the source region (e.g.  is it linear or circularly

    Most planetary emissions are circularly polarized.  Below is a
    table showing the response of the experiment to a low frequency
    (100 kHz) LHC wave.  The response does not change much up to
    about 5 MHz.

    The coordinate system used is: THETA == 0 is along the MAG
    boom; PHI == 0 is the bisector of the two PRA antennas.  The
    third column is the apparent value of the left hand component
    as perceived by the receiver.  That is, a value of +1.0
    indicates that the incoming LHC wave is correctly detected as a
    pure LHC wave.  A value of -1.0 will be detected as being of
    the correct strength, but incorrect polarity.  A value of, say,
    0.6 indicates that the total energy is split 60% into the
    apparent LHC component and 40% into the apparent RHC
ABSTRACT_TEXT This data set consists of edited browse data derived from an original data set obtained from the Voyager 1 Planetary Radio Astronomy (PRA) instrument in the vicinity of Jupiter. Data are provided for 70 instrument channels covering the range from 1.2 kHz to 1326 kHz in uniform 19.2 kHz steps, each 1 kHz wide. Data are included for the period 1979-01-06 00:00:48 through 1979-04-13 23:58:24.
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