Proposers to NASA Missions

Your goal is to present a plan that will convince reviewers that the instruments and mission scenario that you have selected for your mission will supply data that will adequately support your science goals and that you have costed and sized the mission appropriately.

Necessary factors for achieving this include:

Complete details for proposing can be found in the Mission Proposer's Archiving Guide (MPAG).

Your first step in the proposal process should be to identify and contact the PDS node most closely aligned with the primary science goals of the project. If it is not clear which the appropriate node is, any node or the PDS Operator at can be contacted and they will help identify the correct node. PDS personnel are available to answer archive design questions from proposal teams on a confidential basis.

Most calls require a preliminary Data Management Plan (DMP or sometimes called an Archive Plan or similar title) included in the proposal. This DMP includes details of the processes for data management and processing, archive creation, submission and review. The InSight Plan is a good example.