Developing a Dataset in Response to Planetary Data Archiving, Restoration and Tools (PDART)

Basic Steps for planning and preparing a dataset are:

What is contained in a PDS4 data bundle?

The new bundle structure of PDS4 is the top level organization somewhat analogous to a "data set" (e.g., instrument bundles, mission phase bundles, etc.). Bundles contain logical groupings of various collections necessary to use any of the data contained within the bundle. Collections within bundles may include: system context information, documentation for usage of the data, science data, calibration information, and/or higher-order derived products, and linkages to XML schema and schematron (blueprints and sets of rules) used in the generation of the label files. Construction of the labels is the key to constructing your bundle. Seek help from your PDS contact for guidance. See a graphic representation of a bundle or an example bundle.

The Proposer's Archiving Guide will provide additional information.

How do you contact the appropriate PDS personnel?

Is your data set related to Surfaces or Interiors of Terrestrial Planets, Planetary Atmospheres, Gravitational Fields, Titan, Geospatial Products derived from PDS Data, Cartography, Icy Satellites, Ring-Moon Systems, Asteroids, Centaurs, Comets, Dust, Trans-neptunian Objects, Solar Wind Interactions with objects with magnetospheres, Ionospheres and Surfaces, Observational Geometry, Software and Data Visualization or Others ?

A list of PDS Node personnel to contact regarding PDART is available here.

How do you size the archiving task?

Formulate a rough plan for archiving your data. Stress simplicity of data files, identify the effort needed to provide adequate documentation and estimate the volume of the data. Discuss this plan with your PDS contact.

How do you plan a submission schedule?

You should plan to submit an initial bundle to your PDS contact at least four months before the end data of your contract to allow for revisions and peer review.

When you are selected what do you do?

Immediately communicate with your PDS contact to refine your plans.