Mission Proposers

Your goal is to present a plan that will convince reviewers that the instruments and mission scenario that you have selected for your mission will supply data that will adequately support your science goals and that you have costed and sized the mission appropriately.

Necessary factors for achieving this include a basic description of the data volume and data types that the mission will generate as well as identification of experienced team members and demonstration of familiarity with the PDS requirements. Identification of personnel and justified budget entries within your proposal will help to clarify that you have included the cost of delivering data that has been reduced to physical units as required by the current Announcements of Opportunity.

To strengthen your proposal you should determine which discipline science node (see PDS Nodes - left sidebar) would be the appropriate lead node for your mission and contact the appropriate science node to establish the desired PDS link. PDS personnel are available to answer archive design questions from proposal teams on a confidential basis. If you do not receive the response that you need, contact the PDS Chief Scientist, Faith Vilas.