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MPF Color Panorama

This Mars Pathfinder panorama captures different regions imaged at various times over three Martian days to acquire consistent lighting and shadow conditions. On the horizon, the ‘Twin Peaks'are visible. In the left foreground is a Lander petal and a metallic mast which is a portion of the low-gain antenna. Another Lander petal is at left-center, showing the fully deployed forward ramp at far left, and rear ramp at right, which the Sojourner rover used to descend to the surface of Mars on July 5, 1997. Deflated airbags are visible at the perimeter of all three Lander petals. Rover tracks lead from the rear ramp to Sojourner, shown using its Alpha Proton X-Ray Spectrometer (APXS) instrument to study the large rock ‘Yogi'.

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