CD-ROM Information

Version 2.0 Welcome to the Planets

NASA, the Planetary Data System, and the Data Distribution Laboratory are pleased at your interest in "Welcome to the Planets". Version 2.0, which has many newer images not included in the previous release is currently only available as this web site. See below for ordering Version 1.0 on CD.

Version 1.0 CD-ROM Description

The first version of the "Welcome to the Planets" educational CD-ROM consists of 190 selected images acquired over approximately 20 years of NASA planetary exploration. Each image is accompanied by information about Solar System bodies and various spacecraft that explored them.

The CD-ROM contains two versions of WTP.

  1. The WTP Macintosh and PC Windows standalone version comes complete with narration, images, data and a customized kiosk-style interface.
  2. The HTML version allows you to view the WTP pages without a network connection. Simply place the CD-ROM in your drive, and use your WWW client's 'Open Local' or 'Open File' options to access the pages on the CD-ROM.

Ordering Information

Planetary scientists may order WTP CD-ROM through the Planetary Data System. Welcome to the Planets CD-ROM is available to the general public through the National Space Science Data Center. (NSSDC).

The price of "Welcome to the Planets" is $10 per CD-ROM ordered. There is an extra $5 charge for all foreign requests to cover shipping. To order these CD-ROMs contact the NSSDC Request Office at (301) 286-6695, by E-mail:, or order directly using the NSSDC CD-ROM Catalog.

Orders received for the WTP CD-ROM by the Planetary Data System will also be forwarded to the NSSDC.

Hardware Requirements

"Welcome to the Planets (TM)" for Macintosh computers requires operating System 7.0 or higher, with 8 Mbytes RAM, and a 640 X 480 screen with 8-bit color. WTP.MAC runs directly from the CD-ROM by double-clicking on the program icon in the top level directory of the CD-ROM. "Welcome to the Planets (TM)" for Windows computers requires 8 Mbytes RAM, and a 640 X 480 screen with 8-bit color. To achieve best performance on Windows machines, PC users may run the installation program, PCINSTAL.EXE, which copies the executable to a user-selected subdirectory of the hard disk. After PCINSTAL.EXE has been run, "Welcome to the Planets (TM)" should be run by opening this executable from the hard disk. Most actions are accomplished by pushing iface, moving sliders, or clicking on an item of interest.

Known Bugs

We have confirmed reports of users not being able to launch external applications (like LVIEW, etc) when accessing the WTP CD-ROM off the CD-ROM using NCSA Mosiac. Netscape seems to handle the images correctly.