Jupiter: Planet Profile

Mass (kg) 1.90 x 1027
Diameter (km) 142,800
Mean density (kg/m3) 1314
Escape velocity (m/s) 59500
Average distance from Sun 5.203 AU (778,412,020 km)
Rotation period (length of day in Earth days) 0.41 (9.8 Earth hours)
Revolution period (length of year in Earth years) 11.86
Obliquity (tilt of axis degrees) 3.08
Orbit inclination (degrees) 1.3
Orbit eccentricity (deviation from circular) 0.048
Mean surface temperature (K) 120 (cloud tops)
Visual geometric albedo (reflectivity) 0.44
Atmospheric components 90% hydrogen,
10% helium,
.07% methane
Rings Faint ring.
Infrared spectra imply dark rock fragments.