CD-ROM Release Notes 2.0

PDS_VERSION_ID                = PDS3
RECORD_TYPE                   = STREAM
PRODUCT_CREATION_TIME         = 2002-01-15
OBJECT                        = TEXT 
PUBLICATION_DATE              = 2002
NOTE                          = "Version 2.0 Release Notes"
END_OBJECT                    = TEXT


This volume of the PDS Education CD-ROM is version 2.0. Changes from the previous versions are summarized below.

Authoring Tool Version:

On the version 1.0 volume, the Macromedia Director Macintosh projector was created with version 3.1. On Version 1.1, the Macromedia Director application was ported to Director version 4.0. Version 1.5 was produced with Macromedia Director version 4.0.4. This version was produced in HTML and uses the JavaScript language.


This version of the disc includes a glossary to be accessed from within the Welcome to the Planets (TM) main page or the individual image pages.

Additional files:

This version includes the following new images and files

  1. images of mars taken by Mars Pathfinder,

  2. images of mars taken by Mars Global Surveyor,

  3. images of Jupiter, Jupiter's aurora, Jupiter's ring system, and Jupiter's moons Callisto, Thebe, Amalthea, Io, Ganymede, Metis and Europa, taken by the Galileo spacecraft,

  4. images of Jupiter and Jupiter's magnetosphere, taken by the Cassini spacecraft,

  5. images and information pages on the Cassini, Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Pathfinder, and Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous spacecraft,

  6. updated planet information pages, and

  7. an information page on Small Bodies