Local Data Dictionary Tool

The PDS4 Local Data Dictionary Tool (LDDTool) parses a local data dictionary definition file and generates PDS4 data standard files. A local data dictionary at the discipline level is required to be ingested. A dictionary at the mission level can optionally be ingested. These new dictionaries augment the common model and have their own stewards and unique namespaces. The audience includes personnel at PDS discipline and data nodes, principal investigators and their staffs, and ground data system engineers. The tool will be most useful to people who have prior experience with the PDS Information Model and modeling practices.

It is important to match the version of LDDTool to the version of the Information Model (IM) you plan to reference in your labels. Select the distribution below that corresponds to your IM version. If you are not sure what IM version to use or how to determine which one is in use in a set of existing labels, please contact your PDS node coordinator.

Please send comments, change requests and bug reports regarding the software below to the PDS Operator at pds_operator@jpl.nasa.gov.

The following versions of the software are available: