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Element Name Description
a_axis_radius The a_axis_radius element provides the value of the semimajor axis of
abstract_desc The Abstract_Desc contains an abstract for the product or
abstract_text The abstract_text element provides a free-form,
accumulation_count The ACCUMULATION_COUNT element identifies the number of measurement
address_text The address_text data element provides an unlimited-length,
airmass The AIRMASS element defines the astronomical ratio 'airmass', which is
algorithm_desc The algorithm_desc element describes the data
algorithm_name The algorithm_name element provides (where applicable) the
algorithm_version_id The algorithm_version_id element identifies
alias_name The alias_name element provides an alternative term or
alt_along_track_footprint_size The alt_along_track_footprint_size element provides the
alt_coarse_resolution The alt_coarse_resolution element provides the value of
alt_cross_track_footprint_size The alt_cross_track_footprint_size element provides the
alt_flag2_group Additional flag fields (unused).
alt_flag_group The ALT_FLAG_GROUP element identifies the following flag
alt_footprint_latitude The alt_footprint_latitude (VBF85) element provides the
alt_footprint_longitude The alt_footprint_longitude (VBF85) element provides the
alt_footprints The footprints element provides the value of the number of
alt_gain_factor The alt_gain_factor elements provide the values of the
alt_partials_group The alt_partials_group of the alt_footprint_longitude,
alt_skip_factor The alt_skip_factor elements provide the values of the
alt_spacecraft_position_vector The alt_spacecraft_position_vector element provides the
alt_spacecraft_velocity_vector The alt_spacecraft_velocity_vector element provides the
alternate_telephone_number The alternate_telephone_number data element provides an
altimetry_footprint_tdb_time The altimetry_footprint_tdb_time element provides the
ambient_temperature The AMBIENT_TEMPERATURE element provides a measurement of the temperature
angular_distance The ANGULAR_DISTANCE element provides the value of an angle, in
angular_distance_name The ANGULAR_DISTANCE_NAME element is an array that provides
angular_velocity The ANGULAR_VELOCITY element provides the angular velocity of an
antecedent_software_name The antecedent_software_name element identifies the
antiblooming_state_flag The antiblooming_state_flag element indicates whether antiblooming was used
aperture_type The APERTURE_TYPE element describes a short string of free-format text
apparent_magnitude The APPARENT_MAGNITUDE element provides the apparent magnitude of the
applicable_start_sclk The applicable_start_sclk element is an alias within AMMOS
applicable_start_time The applicable_start_time element is an alias within AMMOS
applicable_stop_sclk The applicable_stop_sclk element is an alias within AMMOS for
applicable_stop_time The applicable_stop_time element is an alias within AMMOS for
application_packet_id The application_packet_id element identifies the telemetry packet
application_packet_name The application_packet_name element provides the name associated with
application_process_id The APPLICATION_PROCESS_ID identifies the
application_process_name The APPLICATION_PROCESS_NAME element provides the name
application_process_subtype_id The APPLICATION_PROCESS_SUBTYPE_ID element identifies the source
apxs_communication_error_count The APXS_COMMUNICATION_ERROR_COUNT element provides the number
apxs_mechanism_angle The APXS_MECHANISM_ANGLE provides an angular measurement of the position
archive_file_name The archive_file_name element provides the file_name under
archive_status The ARCHIVE_STATUS element indicates the stage to which a data set has
archive_status_date The archive_status_date element provides the date that the archive
archive_status_note The archive_status_note element provides a text description that further
articulation_dev_instrument_id The ARTICULATION_DEV_INSTRUMENT_ID element provides an abbreviated
articulation_dev_position The ARTICULATION_DEV_POSITION element provides the set of indices for
articulation_dev_position_id The ARTICULATION_DEV_POSITION_ID element provides the set
articulation_dev_position_name The ARTICULATION_DEV_POSITION_NAME element is an array
articulation_dev_vector The ARTICULATION_DEV_VECTOR element provides the direction and
articulation_dev_vector_name The ARTICULATION_DEV_VECTOR_NAME element provides the formal
articulation_device_angle The ARTICULATION_DEVICE_ANGLE element provides the value of
articulation_device_angle_name The ARTICULATION_DEVICE_ANGLE_NAME element provides the formal name
articulation_device_id The ARTICULATION_DEVICE_ID element specifies the unique abbreviated
articulation_device_mode The ARTICULATION_DEVICE_MODE element indicates the deployment
articulation_device_name The ARTICULATION_DEVICE_NAME element specifies the common name of an
articulation_device_temp The ARTICULATION_DEVICE_TEMP element provides the temperature, in degrees
articulation_device_temp_name The ARTICULATION_DEVICE_TEMP_NAME element is an array of the formal
ascending_node_longitude The ascending_node_longitude element provides the value of
assumed_warm_sky_temperature The assumed_warm_sky_temperature element provides the
atmos_correction_to_distance The atmos_correction_to_distance element provides the
author_full_name The author_full_name element provides the full_name of an
auto_exposure_data_cut The auto_exposure_data_cut element provides the DN value which a
auto_exposure_percent The AUTO_EXPOSURE_PERCENT element provides the auto-exposure
auto_exposure_pixel_fraction The auto_exposure_pixel_fraction element provides the percentage of
availability_id The availability_id element is a numeric key
available_value_type The available_value_type element indicates whether the
average_asc_node_longitude The average_asc_node_longitude element provides the value
average_eccentricity The average_eccentricity element provides the value of the
average_inclination The average_inclination element provides the value of the
average_orbit_peri_tdb_time The average_orbit_peri_tdb_time element provides the value
average_periapsis_argument The average_periapsis_argument element provides the value
average_planetary_radius The average_planetary_radius element provides the value of
average_semimajor_axis The average_semimajor_axis element provides the value of
axes The axes element identifies the number of axes or dimensions
axis_interval The axis_interval element identifies the spacing of
axis_items The axis_items element provides the dimension(s) of the
axis_name The axis_name element provides the sequence of axis names
axis_order_type The AXIS_ORDER_TYPE element is used to identify the storage
axis_start The axis_start element identifies the starting value(s) for
axis_stop The axis_stop element identifies the ending value(s) for an
axis_unit The axis_unit element provides the unit(s) of measure of
azimuth The azimuth element provides the azimuth value of a point
azimuth_fov The azimuth_fov element provides the angular measure of the horizontal
azimuth_motor_clicks The azimuth_motor_clicks element provides the number of motor step