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Element Name Description
c_axis_radius The c_axis_radius element provides the value of the semiminor axis of
calibration_lamp_state_flag The calibration_lamp_state_flag element indicates whether a lamp used for
calibration_source_id The CALIBRATION_SOURCE_ID element is a unique identifier (within a data
camera_location_id The CAMERA_LOCATION_ID element indicates where
ccsds_spacecraft_number The ccsds_spacecraft_number element provides the number
celestial_north_clock_angle The celestial_north_clock_angle element specifies the direction of
center_elevation The CENTER_ELEVATION is the angular elevation from the azimuthal
center_filter_wavelength The center_filter_wavelength element provides the mid_point
center_frequency The center_frequency element provides the frequency of
center_latitude The center_latitude element provides a reference latitude
center_longitude The center_longitude element provides a reference longitude
center_ring_radius The CENTER_RING_RADIUS element applies to images of
central_body_distance The CENTRAL_BODY_DISTANCE element provides the distance
ch1:apollo16_correction_file_name The CH1:APOLLO16_CORRECTION_FILE_NAME element provides the name of the
ch1:global_bandpass_file_name The CH1:GLOBAL_BANDPASS_FUNCTIONS_FILE_NAME element provides the name
ch1:ground_truth_corr_file_name The CH1:GROUND_TRUTH_CORR_FILE_NAME element provides the name of the
ch1:initial_sc_orientation The CH1:INITIAL_SC_ORIENTATION element provides the initial spacecraft
ch1:obs_geometry_file_name The CH1:OBS_GEOMETRY_FILE_NAME element provides the name of the
ch1:orbit_limb_direction The CH1:ORBIT_LIMB_DIRECTION element provides the direction of the
ch1:photometry_corr_file_name The CH1:PHOTOMETRY_CORR_FILE_NAME element provides the name of the
ch1:rad_gain_factor_file_name The CH1:RADIOMETRIC_GAIN_FACTOR_FILE_NAME element provides the name of
ch1:radiance_image_file_name The CH1:RADIANCE_IMAGE_FILE_NAME element provides the name of the
ch1:sc_orientation_epoch_tdb_time The CH1:SC_ORIENTATION_EPOCH_TDB_TIME provides the T0 TDB time (dark
ch1:sc_orientation_rate The CH1:SC_ORIENTATION_RATE provides the rotation rates (roll, pitch
ch1:sc_rotation_axis_vector The CH1:SC_ROTATION_AXIS_VECTOR specifies the rotation axis (X,Y,Z J2000
ch1:sc_rotation_rate The CH1:SC_ROTATION_RATE provides the rotation rate (derived rate of
ch1:selenolocation_file_name The CH1:SELENOLOCATION_FILE_NAME element provides the name of the
ch1:solar_spectrum_file_name The CH1:SOLAR_SPECTRUM_FILE_NAME element provides the name of the solar
ch1:spacecraft_yaw_direction The CH1:SPACECRAFT_YAW_DIRECTION element provides the spacecraft yaw
ch1:spectral_calibration_file_name The CH1:SPECTRAL_CALIBRATION_FILE_NAME element provides the name of the
ch1:statistical_polisher_file_name The CH1:STATISTICAL_POLISHER_FILE_NAME element provides the name of the
ch1:swath_length The CH1:SWATH_LENGTH element provides the number of lines (in the
ch1:swath_width The CH1:SWATH_WIDTH element provides the number of pixels (in the
ch1:thermal_correction_flag The CH1:THERMAL_CORRECTION_FLAG element indicates if the M3 reflectance
ch1:timing_file_name The CH1:TIMING_FILE_NAME element provides the name of the observational
change_date The change_date data element provides the date on which
channel_geometric_factor The channel_geometric_factor element provides the value of G
channel_group_name The channel_group_name element provides the name given to a
channel_id The channel_id element identifies the
channel_integration_duration The channel_integration_duration element provides the length
channels The channels element provides the number of channels in a
checksum The checksum element represents an unsigned 32-bit sum of
chopper_mode_id The Galileo NIMS optical chopper serves to modulate the detected
citation_desc The CITATION_DESC contains a citation for the product or
classification_id The classification_id data element supplies an identifier
clearance_distance The CLEARANCE_DISTANCE element indicates the z-axis backoff distance
clustered_key The clustered_key element indicates whether a column in a
cmprs_quantz_tbl_id The cmprs_quantz_tbl_id (compression quantization table identifier)
cognizant_full_name The cognizant_full_name element provides the full name of
column_description This is the description of an element in the data base.
column_name This is the < or = to 30 character dictionary name used in
column_number The column_number element identifies the location of a
column_order The column_order element represents the sequence number of
column_value The column value contains a standard ASCII value used in
column_value_node_id The column_value_node_id element indicates a list of one or
column_value_type The column_value_type element indicates whether a standard
columns The columns element represents the number of columns in
command_desc The command_desc element provides a textual description associated with
command_file_name The command_file_name element provides the name of the file containing the
command_instrument_id The COMMAND_INSTRUMENT_ID element provides an abbreviated name or
command_name The command_name element provides the name of an uplinked command sent
command_opcode The COMMAND_OPCODE element provides the operations code of the
command_sequence_number The command_sequence_number element provides a numeric identifier for a
comment_date The comment_date element indicates the date when a user's
comment_id The comment_id element is a unique key used to identify
comment_text The comment_text indicates a line of text in a user's
committee_member_full_name The committee_member_full_name element identifies a peer
compression_type The compression_type element indicates the type of compression/encoding
compressor_id The compressor_id element identifies the compressor through which the data
computer_vendor_name The computer_vendor_name element identifies the
cone_angle The cone_angle element provides the value of the angle
cone_offset_angle The cone_offset_angle element provides the elevation angle
confidence_level_note The confidence_level_note element is a text field which
configuration_band_id The CONFIGURATION_BAND_ID element specifies an array of stings
contact_sensor_state The CONTACT_SENSOR_STATE element is an array of identifiers for the state
contact_sensor_state_name The CONTACT_SENSOR_STATE_NAME element indicates the possible
contamination_desc The contamination_desc element describes the type of
contamination_id The contamination_id element identifies a type
converter_current_count The CONVERTER_CURRENT_COUNT element provides the current
converter_voltage_count The CONVERTER_VOLTAGE_COUNT element provides the voltage
coordinate_system_center_name The coordinate_system_center_name element identifies a
coordinate_system_desc The coordinate_system_desc element describes a named
coordinate_system_id The coordinate_system_id element provides an
coordinate_system_index The COORDINATE_SYSTEM_INDEX element describes an integer array. The array
coordinate_system_index_name The COORDINATE_SYSTEM_INDEX_NAME element is an array of the formal names
coordinate_system_name The coordinate_system_name element provides the full name
coordinate_system_ref_epoch The coordinate_system_reference_epoch element provides the
coordinate_system_type There are three basic types of coordinate systems: body-fixed rotating,
copies The copies element provides the inventory software with the
core_base The core_base element, together with the core_multiplier
core_high_instr_saturation The core_high_instr_saturation element identifies a special
core_high_repr_saturation The core_high_repr_saturation element identifies a special
core_item_bytes The core_item_bytes element identifies the size in bytes of
core_item_type The core_item_type element identifies the data type of a
core_items The core_items element provides the sequence of dimensions
core_low_instr_saturation The core_low_instr_saturation element identifies a special
core_low_repr_saturation The core_low_repr_saturation element identifies a special
core_minimum_dn The core_minimum_dn element provides the lowest digital number (DN) value
core_multiplier The core_multiplier element, together with the core_base
core_name The core_name element identifies the scientific meaning of
core_null The core_null element identifies a special value whose
core_unit The core_unit element identifies the scientific unit of the
core_valid_minimum The core_valid_minimum element identifies the minimum valid
create_date This date is used for storing the creation date of a table or query on
criticality This column stores the criticality code for an attribute.
cross_cone_angle The cross_cone_angle element provides the value of an
cross_cone_offset_angle The cross_cone_offset_angle element provides the azimuthal angle
crosstrack_summing The crosstrack_summing element provides the number of detector pixel
cryocooler_duration The cryocooler_duration element provides the length of time
cryocooler_temperature The cryocooler_temperature element provides the temperature
curating_node_id The curating_node_id element provides the id of the node currently
cut_out_window Galileo Solid State Imaging-specific. Images can be edited so that
cycle_id The cycle_id element identifies one of several cycles, each of which is