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Element Name Description
da_contact_pds_user_id The da_contact_pds_user_id element provides the pds_user_id
dark_current_correction_flag The dark_current_correction_flag element indicates whether or not a
dark_current_correction_type The DARK_CURRENT_CORRECTION_TYPE element specifies the type of dark current
dark_current_download_flag The dark_current_download_flag element indicates whether or not an
dark_current_file_name The DARK_CURRENT_FILE_NAME element provides the dark
dark_level_correction The DARK_LEVEL_CORRECTION element provides the DN value subtracted from
dark_strip_mean The dark_strip_mean element provides the mean value of the pixels in the
data_buffer_state_flag The data_buffer_state_flag element indicates whether the data buffer
data_conversion_type The data_conversion_type element provides the method of conversion used to
data_coverage_percentage The data_coverage_percentage element gives the percentage of samples
data_engineer_full_name The data_engineer_full_name element provides the id of
data_format The data_format element supplies the name of the data format or
data_lines The number of complete or partial lines with valid data
data_object_type The data_object_type element identifies the data object
data_path_type The data_path_type element identifies the type of data path for
data_provider_name The data_provider_name element provides the name of the individual
data_quality_desc The data_quality_desc element describes the data
data_quality_id The data_quality_id element provides a numeric
data_rate The data_rate element provides the rate at which data were
data_records The data_records data element indicates the number of
data_region The data_region element provides the actual area of data collection
data_set_catalog_flag The data_set_catalog_flag element indicates whether or not a data set
data_set_coll_or_data_set_id The data_set_coll_or_data_set_id element provides the
data_set_collection_desc The data_set_collection_desc element describes the content
data_set_collection_id The data_set_collection_id element is a unique alphanumeric
data_set_collection_member_flg The data_set_collection_member_flg element indicates
data_set_collection_name The data_set_collection_name element provides the full name
data_set_collection_release_dt The data_set_collection_release_dt element provides the
data_set_collection_usage_desc The data_set_collection_usage_desc element provides
data_set_desc The data_set_desc element describes the content and
data_set_id The data_set_id element is a unique
data_set_local_id The DATA_SET_LOCAL_ID element provides a short (of order 3
data_set_name The data_set_name element provides the full name given to a
data_set_or_inst_parm_desc The data_set_or_inst_parm_desc element describes either a
data_set_or_instrument_parm_nm The data_set_or_instrument_parameter_name element provides
data_set_parameter_name The data_set_parameter_name element provides the name of
data_set_parameter_unit The data_set_parameter_unit element specifies the unit of
data_set_release_date The data_set_release_date element provides the date when
data_set_terse_desc A brief description of the data set
data_sets The data_sets element identifies the number of data sets
data_source_desc The data_source_desc element describes the source of a data
data_source_id The data_source_id element identifies the source
data_stream_type The data_stream_type element identifies a particular type of
data_type The data_type element supplies the internal representation and/or
dawn:alt_start_time Same as global keyword START_TIME; allows one label to specify
dawn:alt_stop_time Same as global keyword STOP_TIME; allows one label to specify
dawn:callamp_delay_time Callamp switch on delay measured in microseconds after START_TIME.
dawn:callamp_duty The callamp can be run at various duty cycles between 0.0% and 100.0% by
dawn:callamp_enable_flag Indicates whether callamp is enabled during image acquisition.
dawn:callamp_frequency The callamp frequency is determined by the internal 24 MHz clock
dawn:callamp_strobe_time Callamp strobe time is measured in microseconds after callamp switch on.
dawn:chamber This keyword was used during ground tests to describe the test environment.
dawn:data_routing_id This keyword describes the priority of the acquired image and thus
dawn:dpu_hardware_id Both DPUs for FC1 and FC2 have the same DPU ID because they are identical.
dawn:dpu_software_version Current version of the FC onboard software
dawn:fee_flag Status of the FEE during image acquisition.
dawn:fee_hardware_id 017.10.10 = FEE ID of FC1 (FS1)
dawn:filter_encoder FILTER_NUMBER =
dawn:frame_parameter_unit This keyword defines the units of FRAME_PARAMETER that define the individual
dawn:front_door_encoder The Front Door is closed if FRONT_DOOR_ENCODER shows the nominal
dawn:front_door_status_id Status of the front door, covering the aperture, when the image was acquired.
dawn:fsa_shoot_enable_flag Determines whether the Fail-Safe Actuator is enabled. For safety reasons,
dawn:fsa_shoot_flag Determines if the Fail-Safe Actuator is active. Valuse are OFF and ON.
dawn:heater0_flag Camera Head Heater:
dawn:heater1_flag Baffle Heater:
dawn:i_12 Name: C12FEE
dawn:i_16 Name: C16V15
dawn:i_28 Name: C28M
dawn:i_2_5 Name: C2.5AN
dawn:i_3_3 Name: C3.3AN
dawn:i_5 Name: C5FEE
dawn:i_5_analog Name: C5AN
dawn:i_m5 Name: C-5FEE
dawn:i_m5_analog Name: C-5AN
dawn:image_acquire_mode The mode of image acquisition.
dawn:instrument_temperature_unit The units of instrument or some part of an instrument; for example:
dawn:mcu_flag Indicates if the MCU is powered, independent of the MCU motor power flag.
dawn:mcu_hardware_id 10 = MCU ID of FC1 (FS1)
dawn:mcu_motor_power_flag Indicates if the motors for the mechanisms are powered. This switch and flag
dawn:operator Used during ground tests to indicate the responsible operator of the test.
dawn:pcu_hardware_id An analog value showing the hardware ID of the PCU. The actual value can
dawn:purpose Used during ground tests to describe the purpose of the test.
dawn:scan_parameter Same as global keyword SCAN_PARAMETER but allows negative values
dawn:scan_parameter_unit This keyword defines the units of DAWN:SCAN_PARAMETER
dawn:subject Used during ground tests to describe the subject used during the test.
dawn:t_baffle Baffle temperature measured by FC's thermistor TLB
dawn:t_ccd The temperature that the instrument (detector) operated at while a
dawn:t_cover_motor Front door motor temperature, measured by FC's thermistor TCM
dawn:t_csc PCU Board temperature, measured by FC's thermistor HK-Tpcu3
dawn:t_dcdc OPCU DC-converter-board temperature, measured by FC's thermistor HK-Tpcu1
dawn:t_dpu DPU Board temperature, measured by FC's thermistor HK-Tdpu
dawn:t_f12 PCU Board temperature, measured by FC's thermistor HK-Tpcu2
dawn:t_filter_motor Filter motor temperature, measured by FC's thermistor TFM
dawn:t_lens_barrel Lens barrel temperature, measured by FC's thermistor TLB.
dawn:t_rad_motor Radiator temperature, measured by FC's thermistor TRD.
dawn:t_structure Camera head structure temperature, measured by FC's thermistor TCS.
dawn:target Used during ground tests to describe the target the FC was pointing
dawn:test_lamp Used during ground tests to define the lamp used during the test.
dawn:udplib_software_version Current version of the FC UDP library
dawn:use_pre_clear OFF = No pre-clear of the CCD prior to an image acquisition.
dawn:v_12 Name: V12FEE
dawn:v_16 Name: V16V15
dawn:v_28 Name: V28M
dawn:v_2_5 Name: V2.5AN
dawn:v_3_3 Name: V3.3AN
dawn:v_5 Name: V5FEE
dawn:v_5_analog Name: V5AN
dawn:v_m5 Name: V-5FEE
dawn:v_m5_analog Name: V-5AN
dawn:vir_ir_start_x_position This keyword gives the X coordinate of the first CCD pixel used on
dawn:vir_ir_start_y_position This keyword gives the Y coordinate of the first CCD pixel used on
dawn:vir_vis_start_x_position This keyword gives the X coordinate of the first CCD pixel used on
dawn:vir_vis_start_y_position This keyword gives the Y coordinate of the first CCD pixel used on
dd_version_id This element identifies the version of a PDS dictionary.
decal_name The decal_name element describes the specific decalibration
declination The DECLINATION element provides the value of an angle on the
defining_authority_name The defining_authority_name element identifies the
delayed_readout_flag The delayed_readout_flag element provides an indication of whether or not
delimiting_parameter_name The delimiting_parameter_name element provides the name of
derived_fresnel_reflect_corr The derived_fresnel_reflect_corr element provides the
derived_fresnel_reflectivity The derived_fresnel_reflectivity element provides the
derived_image_type Specifies how to interpret the pixel values in a derived image RDR
derived_maximum The derived_maximum element indicates the largest value
derived_minimum The derived_minimum element indicates the smallest value
derived_planetary_radius The derived_planetary_radius element provides the value of
derived_planetary_thresh_radi The derived_planetary_thresh_radi element provides the
derived_rms_surface_slope The derived_rms_surface_slope element provides the value
derived_thresh_detector_index The derived_thresh_detector_index element provides the
description The description element provides a free-form,
detailed_catalog_flag The detailed_catalog_flag element is a yes-or-no flag
detector_aspect_ratio The detector_aspect_ratio element provides the ratio of the
detector_desc The detector_desc element describes a detector utilized by
detector_erase_count The DETECTOR_ERASE_COUNT element provides the number of
detector_first_line The DETECTOR_FIRST_LINE element indicates the starting row from the
detector_groups Definition TBD.
detector_id The detector_id element identifies a particular instrument
detector_lines The DETECTOR_LINES element indicates the number of rows extracted from
detector_pixel_height The detector_pixel_height element provides the height of a pixel in the
detector_pixel_width The detector_pixel_width element provides the width of a pixel in the
detector_temperature The DETECTOR_TEMPERATURE is the temperature that the instrument
detector_to_image_rotation The DETECTOR_TO_IMAGE_ROTATION element provides the clockwise rotation,
detector_type The detector_type element identifies the type of an
detectors The detectors element provides the number of detectors of a
diffraction_corrected_flag The diffraction_corrected_flag element is a yes-or-no flag
discipline_desc The discipline_desc element describes the discipline
discipline_name The discipline_name element identifies the major academic
dispersion_mode_id The DISPERSION_MODE_ID element describes the dispersion mode selected
display_format The display_format element provides display format
distribution_type The DISTRIBUTION_TYPE element identifies the type or
document_format The document_format element represents the manner in which
document_name The document_name element provides the name of a document.
document_topic_type The document_topic_type element is a keyword which
download_id The download_id element is the unique mission identifier
download_priority The DOWNLOAD_PRIORITY element specifies which
download_type The download_type element specifies which data to download.
downsample_method The DOWNSAMPLE_METHOD element indicates whether or
downtrack_summing The downtrack_summing element provides the number of detector pixel
dsn_spacecraft_num The dsn_spacecraft_num element identifies the unique Deep
dsn_station_number The dsn_station_num identifies the deep space network
dust_flag The DUST_FLAG parameter indicates whether a dust sequence was executed