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Element Name Description
early_image_return_flag The EARLY_IMAGE_RETURN_FLAG element indicates the
early_pixel_scale_flag The EARLY_PIXEL_SCALE_FLAG element indicates the scaling of
earth_base_desc The earth_base_desc element describes the earth base
earth_base_id The earth_base_id element provides a unique identifier for
earth_base_institution_name The earth_base_institution_name element identifies a
earth_base_name The earth_base_name element identifies the name of the
earth_received_start_time The earth_received_start_time element provides the
earth_received_stop_time The earth_received_stop_time element provides the ending
earth_received_time The earth_received_time element provides the time at which
earth_target_position_vector The EARTH_TARGET_POSITION_VECTOR element indicates the
earth_target_velocity_vector The EARTH_TARGET_VELOCITY_VECTOR element indicates the
easternmost_longitude The following definitions describe easternmost longitude for the
edit_mode_id The edit_mode_id element indicates the amount of data read
edit_routine_name The edit_routine_name element provides the name of a edit
edr_file_number The EDR_FILE_NUMBER element provides the file position of
edr_software_name The edr_software_name element identifies the name and
edr_tape_id The EDR_TAPE_ID element indicates the volume identifier of
effective_time The effective_time is an alias for start_time used by AMMOS-
electronic_mail_id The electronic_mail_id element provides an individual's
electronic_mail_type The electronic_mail_type element identifies an electronic
electronics_bias The electronics_bias element provides the commanded electronics bias value
electronics_desc The electronics_desc element describes the
electronics_id The electronics_id element identifies the electronics
elevation The elevation element provides the angular elevation of a
elevation_fov The elevation_fov element provides the angular measure of the vertical
elevation_motor_clicks The elevation_motor_clicks element provides the number of motor step
emecl_sc_quaternion The EMECL_SC_QUATERNION element defines a normalized quaternion of rotation
emission_angle The emission_angle element provides the value of the angle
encoding_compression_ratio The encoding_compression_ratio element specifies the
encoding_max_compression_ratio The encoding_max_compression_ratio element provides the maximum
encoding_min_compression_ratio The encoding_min_compression_ratio element provides the minimum
encoding_type The ENCODING_TYPE element indicates the type of
encoding_type_version_name The ENCODING_TYPE_VERSION_NAME element indicates
entropy The ENTROPY element identifies the average entropy level
ephemeris_latitude_correction The ephemeris_latitude_correction (VBF85) element provides
ephemeris_longitude_correction The ephemeris_longitude_correction (VBF85) element
ephemeris_radius_correction The ephemeris_radius_correction element provides the value
equatorial_radius The equatorial_radius element provides the average radius in
equinox_epoch The EQUINOX_EPOCH keyword specifies the epoch of equinox in
error_condition The ERROR_CONDITION element identifies which fault protection
error_mask The element ERROR_MASK indicates the
error_pixels The error_pixels element provides the number of pixels that are outside
error_state The element ERROR_STATE element indicates
event_name The event_name element identifies an event. This may be a
event_start_hour The event_start_hour element provides the date and hour of
event_type The event_type element identifies the classification of an
event_type_desc The event_type_desc element describes the type of
expected_data_records The EXPECTED_DATA_RECORDS element provides the total number of records a
expected_maximum The expected_maximum element provides the expected value of the maximum
expected_packets The expected_packets element provides the total number of telemetry
expertise_area_desc The expertise_area_desc element describes a
expertise_area_type The expertise_area_type element identifies an
exposure_count The exposure_count element provides the maximum number of exposures
exposure_duration The exposure_duration element provides the value of the
exposure_duration_count The EXPOSURE_DURATION_COUNT element provides the value, in raw counts, of
exposure_offset_flag The exposure_offset_flag element indicates the
exposure_offset_number The exposure_offset_number element provides the value of a
exposure_scale_factor The EXPOSURE_SCALE_FACTOR element is a multiplier to the exposure time.
exposure_table_id The EXPOSURE_TABLE_ID element is used for setting the exposure
exposure_tbl_update_flag The EXPOSURE_TBL_UPDATE_FLAG element indicates
exposure_type The EXPOSURE_TYPE element indicates the exposure setting on