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Element Name Description
facility_name The facility_name element identifies a department,
fast_hk_item_name The fast_hk_item_name element provides the names of the houskeeping items
fast_hk_pickup_rate The fast_hk_pickup_rate element provides the rate at which fast
fax_number The fax_number data element provides the area code and
feature_name The FEATURE_NAME element provides the International Astronomical Union
feature_type The FEATURE_TYPE element identifies the type of a particular feature,
feature_type_desc The FEATURE_TYPE_desc element provides the IAU standard definition for
field_delimiter The FIELD_DELIMITER indicates the single character used
field_number The FIELD_NUMBER is the sequential number of the enclosing FIELD
fields The FIELDS element is the number of FIELD objects defined
file_name The file_name element provides the location independent name of a file.
file_records The file_records element indicates the number of physical
file_specification_name The file_specification_name element provides the full name of a file,
file_state The file_state element indicates whether a cube file possibly contains
files The files element identifies the total number of files.
filter_name The filter_name element provides the commonly-used name of
filter_number The filter_number element provides the number of an
filter_temperature The filter_temperature element provides the temperature, in degrees celsius
filter_type The filter_type element identifies the type of a given
first_alt_footprint_tdb_time The first_alt_footprint_tdb_time element provides the
first_image_time The first_image_time element indicates the start_time (or
first_line The first_line element indicates the line within a source
first_line_sample The first_line_sample element indicates the sample within a
first_product_id The first_product_id data element indicates the product_id
first_rad_footprint_tdb_time The first_rad_footprint_tdb_time element provides the
first_standard_parallel The first_standard_parallel element is used in Conic
fixed_instrument_azimuth The FIXED_INSTRUMENT_AZIMUTH element provides one of two angular
fixed_instrument_elevation The FIXED_INSTRUMENT_ELEVATION element provides one of two angular
flat_field_correction_flag The flat_field_correction_flag element indicates whether or not a flat
flat_field_correction_parm The FLAT_FIELD_CORRECTION_PARM element defines the onboard flat-field
flat_field_file_name The flat_field_file_name element provides the flat field image file
flattening The flattening data element provides the value of the geometric
flight_software_version_id The flight_software_version_id element identifies the version of the
focal_plane_temperature The focal_plane_temperature element provides the
footprint_number The footprint_number element provides a signed integer
footprint_point_latitude The FOOTPRINT_POINT_LATITUDE element provides an array of values that
footprint_point_longitude The FOOTPRINT_POINT_LONGITUDE element provides an array of values that
formal_correlations_group The formal_correlations_group provides the formal
formal_errors_group The formal_errors_group element provides the value of the
format A specified or predetermined arrangement of data within a
format_desc The format_desc element provides a textual description of
formation_rule_desc The formation_rule_desc element supplies a rule that is to
fov_shape_name The field_of_view_shape_name element identifies the
fovs The fovs (fields-of-view) element indicates the number of
frame_duration The frame_duration element provides the value of the length
frame_id The frame_id element provides an identification for a
frame_parameter The FRAME_PARAMETER element defines the individual frame parameters of
frame_parameter_desc The FRAME_PARAMETER_DESC element describes the individual frame parameters
frame_sequence_number The frame_sequence_number element indicates the location
frame_type MER to supply at a later date.
frames The frames element provides the number of frames within a
ftp_file_format The ftp_file_format element describes the format of the file at the
ftp_site_id The ftp_site_id element supplies name of an anonymous ftp site from
fts_number The fts_number element provides the Federal
full_name The full_name element provides the complete name or