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Element Name Description
hardware_model_id The hardware_model_id element identifies the computer
hay:body_pole_aspect_angle The body_pole_aspect_angle element specifies the angle
hay:body_pole_sun_angle The body_pole_sun_angle element specifies the angle
header_type The HEADER_TYPE element identifies a specific type of
help_id The help_id element identifies a PDS topic for which help
help_name The help_name element provides the key to help text used in
help_text The help_text element provides the ascii help text used for
hi_voltage_power_supply_state The state of the high voltage power power supply on an instrument.
highest_detectable_opacity The highest_detectable_opacity element indicates the
horizontal_fov The horizontal_field_of_view element provides the angular
horizontal_framelet_offset The horizontal_framelet_offset provides the row number of a
horizontal_pixel_fov The horizontal_pixel_field_of_view element provides the
horizontal_pixel_scale The HORIZONTAL_PIXEL_SCALE element indicates the horizontal
host_id The host_id element provides the name or identification of
housekeeping_clock_count The housekeeping_clock_count element provides the spacecraft clock value at
huffman_table_type The The huffman_table_type element indicates the type of Huffman table