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Element Name Description
ict_despike_threshold The ict_despike_threshold (integer cosine transform despike threshold)
ict_quantization_step_size The ict_quantization_step_size (integer cosine transform quantization
ict_zigzag_pattern The ict_zigzag_pattern element provides the name of the Integer Cosine
image_count The IMAGE_COUNT element provides the number of images or exposures
image_duration The IMAGE_DURATION element provides the measurement of time required
image_id The image_id element is used to identify an image and
image_key_id The image_key_id element provides a shorthand
image_mid_time The image_mid_time element provides the time at which the exposure of the
image_number The image_number element is a value obtained from the
image_observation_type The image_observation_type element identifies the type or
image_time The image_time element provides the spacecraft event time at
image_type The IMAGE_TYPE element describes the type of image acquired. This may be
important_instrument_parms The important_instrument_parameters element provides the
incidence_angle The incidence_angle element provides a measure of the
index_type The INDEX_TYPE element identifies the type of an index
indexed_file_name The INDEXED_FILE_NAME element is a string (or set of strings)
inst_az_rotation_direction The INST_AZ_ROTATION_DIRECTION element provides an indication of the
inst_cmd_cal_co_add The INST_CMD_CAL_CO_ADD element gives the commanded value of the
inst_cmd_cal_dwell The INST_CMD_CAL_DWELL element gives the commanded value of
inst_cmd_cal_frequency The INST_CMD_CAL_FREQUENCY element gives the commanded value of
inst_cmd_center_azimuth The INST_CMD_CENTER_AZIMUTH element gives the commanded value of
inst_cmd_center_elevation The INST_CMD_CENTER_ELEVATION element gives the commanded value
inst_cmd_co_add The INST_CMD_CO_ADD element gives the commanded value of the
inst_cmd_columns The INST_CMD_COLUMNS element gives the commanded value of the
inst_cmd_dwell The INST_CMD_DWELL element gives the commanded value of the
inst_cmd_high_channel The INST_CMD_HIGH_CHANNEL element gives the commanded value
inst_cmd_horizontal_space The INST_CMD_HORIZONTAL_SPACE element gives the commanded value
inst_cmd_low_channel The INST_CMD_LOW_CHANNEL element gives the commanded value
inst_cmd_phase_algorithm_name The INST_CMD_PHASE_ALGORITHM_NAME element gives the commanded
inst_cmd_rows The INST_CMD_ROWS element gives the commanded value of the
inst_cmd_vertical_space The INST_CMD_VERTICAL_SPACE element gives the commanded value
inst_cmprs_blk_size The inst_cmprs_blk_size element provides the dimensions of a pixel
inst_cmprs_blocks The inst_cmprs_blocks element provides the number of blocks used to
inst_cmprs_desc The INST_CMPRS_DESC element provides a textual description of the type
inst_cmprs_filter The INST_CMPRS_FILTER element identifies the wavelet filter
inst_cmprs_mode The inst_cmprs_mode element identifies the method used for on-board
inst_cmprs_name The inst_cmprs_name element identifies the type of on-board compression
inst_cmprs_param The inst_cmprs_param element is a JPEG specific variable which
inst_cmprs_quality The inst_cmprs_quality element is a JPEG specific variable which
inst_cmprs_quantz_tbl_id The inst_cmprs_quantz_tbl_id element identifies the reference table
inst_cmprs_quantz_type The inst_cmprs_quantz_type element indicates the method of quantization
inst_cmprs_rate The inst_cmprs_rate element provides the average number of bits needed
inst_cmprs_ratio The inst_cmprs_ratio element provides the ratio of the size, in bytes,
inst_cmprs_seg_first_line The INST_CMPRS_SEG_FIRST_LINE element is an array of values which each nth
inst_cmprs_seg_first_line_samp The INST_CMPRS_SEG_FIRST_LINE_SAMP element is an array of values which
inst_cmprs_seg_lines The INST_CMPRS_SEG_LINES element is an array of elements in which the nth
inst_cmprs_seg_missing_pixels The INST_CMPRS_SEG_MISSING_PIXELS element identifies an array of
inst_cmprs_seg_samples The INST_CMPRS_SEG_SAMPLES element is an array of elements in which the nth
inst_cmprs_segment_quality The INST_CMPRS_SEGMENT_QUALITY element identifies the quality
inst_cmprs_segment_status The INST_CMPRS_SEGMENT_STATUS element provides a bit mask
inst_cmprs_segments The INST_CMPRS_SEGMENTS element identifies the number of segments into
inst_cmprs_stages The INST_CMPRS_STAGES element identifies the
inst_cmprs_sync_blks The inst_cmprs_sync_blks element is a RICE specific variable providing
inst_cmprs_type The inst_cmprs_type element identifies the type of on-board compression
inst_decomp_stages The INST_DECOMP_STAGES element identifies the number of stages of
inst_field_of_view The INST_FIELD_OF_VIEW element gives the instantaneous field of
inst_gain_state The INST_GAIN_STATE element indicates the gain state of the
inst_laser_1_status_flag The INST_LASER_1_STATUS_FLAG element provides the status of the
inst_laser_2_status_flag The INST_LASER_2_STATUS_FLAG element provides the status of the
inst_laser_heater_status_flag The INST_LASER_HEATER_STATUS_FLAG element provides the status of
inst_linear_motor_status_flag The INST_LINEAR_MOTOR_STATUS_FLAG element provides the status of the
inst_optical_switch_state The INST_OPTICAL_SWITCH_STATE element indicates whether the optical
inst_spare_bit_flag The INST_SPARE_BIT_FLAG element indicates whether the spare bit
institution_name The institution_name element identifies a university,
instrument_azimuth The INSTRUMENT_AZIMUTH element provides the value for an instrument's
instrument_azimuth_method The instrument_azimuth_method identifies the method used to calculate
instrument_band_id The INSTRUMENT_BAND_ID element specifies an array of stings
instrument_boresight_id The INSTRUMENT_BORESITE_ID element defines the IVP (Inertial Vector
instrument_calibration_desc The instrument_calibration_desc element explains the
instrument_coordinate The INSTRUMENT_COORDINATE element is an array of coordinate parameters. The
instrument_coordinate_id The INSTRUMENT_COORDINATE_ID element identifies the frame in which the
instrument_coordinate_name The INSTRUMENT_COORDINATE_NAME element gives the name(s) associated
instrument_data_rate The instrument_data_rate element provides the rate at which data were
instrument_deployment_state The instrument_deployment_state element indicates the deployment state
instrument_desc The instrument_desc element describes a given
instrument_elevation The INSTRUMENT_ELEVATION element provides the value for the instrument's
instrument_elevation_method The instrument_elevation_method element identifies the method used to
instrument_formatted_desc The instrument_formatted_desc element contains the formatted
instrument_height The instrument_height element provides the physical height
instrument_host_desc The instrument_host_desc data element describes the
instrument_host_id The instrument_host_id element provides a unique identifier
instrument_host_name The instrument_host_name element provides the full name of
instrument_host_type The instrument_host_type element provides the type of host
instrument_id The instrument_id element provides an
instrument_idle_timeout The INSTRUMENT_IDLE_TIMEOUT element identifies the amount of time
instrument_length The instrument_length element provides the physical length
instrument_manufacturer_name The instrument_manufacturer_name element identifies the
instrument_mass The instrument_mass element provides the mass of an
instrument_mode_desc The instrument_mode_desc element describes the
instrument_mode_id The instrument_mode_id element provides an
instrument_mounting_desc The instrument_mounting_desc element describes the
instrument_name The instrument_name element provides the full name of an
instrument_parameter_name The instrument_parameter_name element provides the name of
instrument_parameter_ranges The instrument_parameter_ranges element provides the number of instrument
instrument_parameter_unit The instrument_parameter_unit element specifies the unit of
instrument_power_consumption The instrument_power_consumption element provides power
instrument_serial_number The instrument serial number element provides the
instrument_temperature The INSTRUMENT_TEMPERATURE element provides the temperature, in degrees
instrument_temperature_count The instrument_temperature_count element provides the instrument
instrument_temperature_name The INSTRUMENT_TEMPERATURE_NAME element is an array of the formal
instrument_temperature_point The INSTRUMENT_TEMPERATURE_POINT element identifies the measurement
instrument_type The instrument_type element identifies the type of an
instrument_version_id The INSTRUMENT_VERSION_ID element identifies the specific model of an
instrument_voltage The INSTRUMENT_VOLTAGE element provides the voltage, in volts, of
instrument_voltage_point The INSTRUMENT_VOLTAGE_POINT element identifies the measurement
instrument_width The instrument_width element provides the physical width of
integration_delay_flag The integration_delay_flag indicates whether the integration time for a
integration_duration The duration of a time over which a particular instrument is observing or
intensity_transfer_function_id The INTENSITY_TRANSFER_FUNCTION_ID element designates the type of
intercept_point_latitude The intercept_point_latitude element provides the latitude of a point
intercept_point_line The intercept_point_line element provides the instrument line location
intercept_point_line_sample The intercept_point_line_sample element provides the instrument sample
intercept_point_longitude The intercept_point_longitude element provides the longitude of a
interchange_format The interchange_format element represents the manner in
interframe_delay The INTERFRAME_DELAY element provides the
interframe_delay_duration The interframe_delay_duration element provides the duration in milliseconds
interline_delay_duration The interline_delay_duration element provides the duration in milliseconds
invalid_constant The invalid_constant element supplies the value used when the
inventory_special_order_note The inventory_special_order_note element is a text field
inverted_clock_state_flag The inverted_clock_state element indicates whether a clock signal was
iras_clock_angle The satellite viewing angle projected onto the plane
iras_clock_angle_range The change in the clock angle during the elapsed time of
iras_clock_angle_rate The average time rate of change of the clock angle during
iras_clock_angle_rate_sigma The standard deviation of the scan rate determined from
iras_hcon HCON is hours-confirmation. In order to maximize the
isis_structure_version_id The isis_structure_version_id provides the version of ISIS software
item_bits The item_bits element indicates the number of bits
item_bytes The item_bytes data element represents the size in bytes of an item
item_offset The item_offset data element indicates the number of bytes
items The items element defines the number of identical parts into which a