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Element Name Description
naif_data_set_id The naif_data_set_id element provides the data_set_id which
naif_instrument_id The naif_instrument_id element provides the numeric ID used within
name The name data element indicates a literal value representing
namespace_id The NAMESPACE_ID element uniquely identifies a set of elements such
native_start_time The native_start_time element provides a time value at the
native_stop_time The native_stop_time element provides a time value at the
nav_unique_id The nav_unique_id element is an AMMOS-MGN unique element used to express a
newhorizons:approx_target_line Used in New Horizons (NH) mission instrument observations labels as
newhorizons:approx_target_name Used in New Horizons (NH) mission instrument observations labels as
newhorizons:approx_target_sample Used in New Horizons (NH) mission instrument observations labels as
newhorizons:observation_desc Used in New Horizons (NH) mission instrument observations labels as a
newhorizons:sequence_id Used in New Horizons (NH) mission instrument observation labels
nodal_regression_rate The nodal regression rate element defines the rate at which the
node_desc The node_desc element describes a PDS Node.
node_id The node_id element provides the node id assigned to a
node_institution_name The node_institution_name element identifies a university,
node_manager_pds_user_id The node_manager_pds_user_id element provides the
node_name The node_name element provides the officially recognized
noise_level The noise_level element identifies the threshold at which
noise_type The noise_type element indicates the type of the noise
nominal_energy_resolution The nominal_energy_resolution element provides an
nominal_operating_temperature The nominal_operating_temperature element identifies the
non_clustered_key The non_clustered_key element indicates whether a column in
non_range_prof_corrs_index The non_range_prof_corrs_index element provides the value
non_range_sharp_echo_prof The non_range_sharp_echo_prof element provides the value
non_range_sharp_fit The non_range_sharp_fit element provides the value of the
non_range_sharp_looks The non_range_sharp_looks element provides the value of
north_azimuth The north_azimuth element provides the value of the angle
north_azimuth_clock_angle The north_azimuth_clock_angle element specifies the direction of the
not_applicable_constant The not_applicable_constant element supplies the numeric
note The note element is a text field which provides
notebook_entry_time The notebook_entry_time element provides the date and time
nssdc_data_set_id The nssdc_data_set_id element is the identifier used by
ntv_sat_time_from_closest_aprh The ntv_sat_time_from_closest_aprh (native satellite time from closest
ntv_time_from_closest_approach The ntv_time_from_closest_approach (native time from closest approach)
null_constant The NULL_CONSTANT element supplies the numeric value used to represent