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Element Name Description
object_classification_type The object_classification_type element identifies a defined
object_name The object_name element provides the template object name
object_type The object_type data element indicates a system-specific
oblique_proj_pole_latitude One of the three angles defining the oblique coordinate system used in the
oblique_proj_pole_longitude One of the three angles defining the oblique coordinate system used in the
oblique_proj_pole_rotation One of the three angles defining the oblique coordinate system used in the
oblique_proj_x_axis_vector Unit vector in the direction of the X axis of the oblique
oblique_proj_y_axis_vector Unit vector in the direction of the Y axis of the oblique
oblique_proj_z_axis_vector Unit vector in the direction of the Z axis of the oblique
obliquity The obliquity element provides the value of the angle
observation_id The observation_id element uniquely identifies a scientific observation
observation_inclination The OBSERVATION_INCLINATION element provides the value of the angle
observation_name The observation_name element provides the identifier for an observation
observation_time The observation_time element provides the date and time of
observation_type The observation_type element identifies the general type of
observer_full_name The OBSERVER_FULL_NAME element provides the name of the person(s) that
obstruction_id The obstruction_id element identifies a boom or other obstruction blocking
occultation_port_state The occultation port state describes a small aperture located away from the
occultation_type The occultation type element distinguishes between two types of
offset The offset element indicates a shift or displacement of a
offset_flag The offset_flag element indicates whether an offset was used to shift or
offset_grating_position The NIMS instrument has only 17 detectors but takes data in as many as 408
offset_mode_id The offset_mode_id identifies the analog value that is
offset_number The OFFSET_NUMBER indicates the offset value used in the analog to
on_chip_mosaic_flag Galileo Solid State Imaging-specific. The on_chip_mosaic_flag element
on_line_identification The on_line_identification element is a unique identifier
on_line_name The on_line_name element is a unique name which corresponds to
operating_system_id The operating_system_id element identifies the computer
operational_consid_desc The operational_consid_desc element provides
operations_contact_pds_user_id The operations_contact_pds_user_id element provides the
optics_desc The optics_desc element provides a textual
optics_temperature The optics_temperature element provides the temperature, in degrees
optional_element_set The optional_element_set element identifies the data
optional_object_set The optional_object_set element identifies the ODL objects
orbit_direction The orbit_direction element provides the direction of
orbit_name The ORBIT_NAME element identifies the orbital revolution of the spacecraft
orbit_number The orbit_number element identifies the number of the
orbit_start_number The orbit_start_number is an alias for start_orbit_number
orbit_start_time The orbit_start_time element is an alias for start_time used
orbit_stop_number The orbit_stop_number is an alias for stop_orbit_number used
orbit_stop_time The orbit_stop_time element is an alias for stop_time used
orbital_eccentricity The orbital_eccentricity provides a measure of the non-circularity of an
orbital_inclination The orbital_inclination element provides the value of the angle
orbital_semimajor_axis The orbital_semimajor_axis element provides the value of
order_date The order_date element provides the date when upon which an order was
order_number The order_number element is a unique system_generated
order_status The order_status element provides the status associated with
order_status_date The order_status_date element provides the effective date
order_status_desc The order_status_desc element details the status of an
order_status_id The order_status_id element identifies the status of an
order_status_time The order_status_time element gives the date (and time,
order_type The order_type element identifies the type of order placed
origin_offset_vector The ORIGIN_OFFSET_VECTOR element specifies the offset from the reference
origin_rotation_quaternion The ORIGIN_ROTATION_QUATERNION element provides an array of four values
original_product_id The original_product_id element provides the temporary
output_flag The output_flag element indicates whether standard values
overwritten_channel_flag The overwritten_channel_flag element indicates whether spectral data was