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Element Name Description
packet_creation_sclk The PACKET_CREATION_SCLK specifies the value of the spacecraft clock
packet_map_mask The PACKET_MAP_MASK element is a binary or hexadecimal number identifying
packing_flag The packing_flag element indicates whether multiple spectral cubes were
parallel_clock_voltage_index The parallel_clock_voltage_index element provides the commanded parallel
parameter_desc The parameter_desc element defines the input or output
parameter_name The parameter_name element identifies a parameter input to
parameter_sequence_number The parameter_sequence_number element provides an ordering
parameter_set_id The parameter_set_id element identifies the parameter set which was used to
parameter_type The parameter_type element provides the type of parameter
parent_template The parent_template element contains the name of the
particle_species_name The particle_species_name element provides the name of a
pass_number The pass_number data element indicates the number of days
path_name The path_name data element identifies the full directory
pds_address_book_flag The pds_address_book_flag data element indicates whether
pds_affiliation The pds_affiliation data element describes the type of
pds_user_id The pds_user_id element provides a unique identifier for
pds_version_id The PDS_version_id data element represents the version
peer_review_data_set_status The peer_review_data_set_status element provides status for
peer_review_id The peer_review_id element provides a unique identifier
peer_review_results_desc The peer_review_results element provides the textual
peer_review_role The peer_review_role element provides the role of a member
peer_review_start_date The peer_review_start_date element provides the beginning
peer_review_stop_date The peer_review_stop_date element provides the final date
periapsis_altitude The PERIAPSIS_ALTITUDE element provides the distance between the spacecraft
periapsis_argument_angle The periapsis_argument_angle element provides the value of
periapsis_latitude The periapsis_latitude element specifies the latiitude on the
periapsis_longitude The periapsis_longitude element specifies the longitude on the
periapsis_time The PERIAPSIS_TIME element is the time, in UTC format
pericenter_precession_rate The pericenter precession rate element defines the rate at which
permission_flag The permission_flag element indicates whether or not a query
person_institution_name The person_institution_name element identifies a university,
phase_angle The phase_angle element provides a measure of the relationship between
phase_information_flag The phase_information_flag element is a yes-or-no flag
photometric_correction_type The PHOTOMETRIC_CORRECTION_TYPE element indicates the type of photometric
pi_pds_user_id The pi_pds_user_id element provides the pds_user_id of the
pixel_angular_scale The two-valued PIXEL_ANGULAR_SCALE element (x,y) provides the angular
pixel_aspect_ratio The PIXEL_ASPECT_RATIO element provides the ratio of the
pixel_averaging_height The pixel_averaging_height element provides the vertical dimension, in
pixel_averaging_width The pixel_averaging_width element provides the horizontal dimension,
pixel_downsample_option The PIXEL_DOWNSAMPLE_OPTION element specifies whether to downsample the
pixel_geometry_correction_flag The PIXEL_GEOMETRY_CORRECTION_FLAG element defines a flag used to indicate
pixel_subsampling_flag The PIXEL_SUBSAMPLING_FLAG element indicates whether the product is the
planet_day_number The planet_day_number element indicates the number of sidereal days
planet_reading_system_temp The planet_reading_system_temp element provides the value
planetary_occultation_flag The planetary_occultation_flag element is a yes-or-no flag
platform The platform element describes the available platforms which the
platform_or_mounting_desc The platform_or_mounting_desc element describes the
platform_or_mounting_name The platform_or_mounting_name element identifies the
pole_declination The pole_declination element provides the value of the
pole_right_ascension The pole_right_ascension element provides the value of the
position_time The position_time element provides the time when the
positive_azimuth_direction The POSITIVE_AZIMUTH_DIRECTION element provides the direction in
positive_elevation_direction The positive_elevation_direction element provides the direction in
positive_longitude_direction The positive_longitude_direction element identifies the
power_state_flag The power_state_flag element indicates whether a wavelength, or frequency
ppi:time_format The keyword PPI:TIME_FORMAT is used to modify the meaning of the
preference_id The preference_id element indicates a user's
prepare_cycle_index The prepare_cycle_index element provides the element number within the
pressure The PRESSURE element identifies the type
primary_body_name The primary_body_name element identifies the primary body
primary_key In a TABLE object, the PRIMARY_KEY ELEMENT indicates
process_time Alias within AMMOS for product_creation_time.
process_version_id The process_version_id element identifies the version (e.g.,
processing_control_parm_name The processing_control_parm_name element identifies a
processing_history_text The processing_history_text element provides an entry for
processing_level_desc The processing_level_desc element provides the
processing_level_id The processing_level_id element identifies the
processing_start_time The processing_start_time element gives the beginning date
processing_stop_time The processing_stop_time element gives the ending date (and
producer_full_name The producer_full_name element provides the full_name of the
producer_id The producer_id element provides a short name or acronym for
producer_institution_name The producer_institution_name element identifies a
product_creation_time The product_creation_time element defines the UTC system format
product_data_set_id The product_data_set_id element provides the data_set_id of
product_id The product_id data element represents a permanent, unique
product_name The PRODUCT_NAME element provides the full name of a
product_release_date The product_release_date data element identifies the date
product_type The PRODUCT_TYPE data element identifies the type or
product_version_id The product_version_id element identifies the version
product_version_type The product_version_type element identifies the version of
programming_language_name The programming_language_name element identifies the major
projected_star_diameter The projected_star_diameter element indicates the
projection_azimuth The PROJECTION_AZIMUTH element Provides the azimuth, in
projection_elevation The PROJECTION_ELEVATION element specifies the elevation,
projection_elevation_line The PROJECTION_ELEVATION_LINE element specifies the image line which
projection_latitude_type For some map projections, identifies the type of latitude that is sampled
projection_origin_vector The PROJECTION_ORIGIN_VECTOR element provides the location of origin
protocol_type The protocol_type element identifies the protocol type for
publication_date The publication_date element provides the date when a