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Element Name Description
ra_dec_ref_pixel The RA_DEC_REF_PIXEL element (x,y) specifies the reference pixel to
rad_along_track_footprint_size The rad_along_track_footprint_size provides the value of
rad_cross_track_footprint_size The rad_cross_track_footprint_size element provides the
rad_emissivity_partial The rad_emissivity_partial element provides the value of
rad_flag2_group Additional flag fields (unused).
rad_flag_group The RAD_FLAG_GROUP element identifies the following flag
rad_footprint_latitude The rad_footprint_latitude (VBF85) element provides the
rad_footprint_longitude The rad_footprint_longitude (VBF85) element provides the
rad_footprints The footprints element provides the value of the number of
rad_number The rad_number element provides the value of the number
rad_partials_group The rad_partials_group element provides the value of the
rad_receiver_system_temp The rad_receiver_system_temp element provides the value of
rad_spacecraft_epoch_tdb_time The rad_spacecraft_epoch_tdb_time element provides the
rad_spacecraft_position_vector The rad_spacecraft_position_vector element provides the
rad_spacecraft_velocity_vector The rad_spacecraft_velocity_vector element provides the
radial_resolution The radial_resolution element indicates the nominal radial
radial_sampling_interval The radial_sampling_interval element indicates the average
radiance_offset The RADIANCE_OFFSET element provides the constant value by which a stored
radiance_scaling_factor The radiance_scaling_factor element provides the constant value by which
radiometric_correction_type The RADIOMETRIC_CORRECTION_TYPE element identifies
range_sharp_echo_profile The range_sharp_echo_profile element provides the value of
range_sharp_fit The range_sharp_fit element provides the value of the
range_sharp_looks The range_sharp_looks element provides the value of the
range_sharp_prof_corrs_index The range_sharp_prof_corrs_index element provides the
range_sharp_scaling_factor The range_sharp_scaling_factor element provides the value
rationale_desc The rationale_desc element describes the rationale for
raw_rad_antenna_power The raw_rad_antenna_power element provides the value of
raw_rad_load_power The raw_rad_load_power element provides the value of the
readout_cycle_index The readout_cycle_index element provides the element number within the
received_data_records The RECEIVED_DATA_RECORDS element provides the total number of records
received_packets The received_packets element provides the total number of telemetry
received_polarization_type Polarization of a signal received by an instrument.
receiver_description The receiver_description element describes a given
receiver_id The receiver_id element provides an abbreviated name or
receiver_name The receiver_name element provides the unique full name of
receiver_noise_calibration The receiver_noise_calibration element provides the value
record_bytes The record_bytes element indicates the number of bytes in a physical
record_format The RECORD_FORMAT element contains a FORTRAN-style format
record_type The record_type element indicates the record format of a
records The records data element identifies the number of physical
reference_azimuth The REFERENCE_AZIMUTH element specifies the azimuth which is at the
reference_coord_system_index The REFERENCE_COORD_SYSTEM_INDEX element identifies which instance of the
reference_coord_system_name The REFERENCE_COORD_SYSTEM_NAME element provides the full name of the
reference_desc The reference_desc element provides a complete bibliographic citation
reference_key_id The reference_key_id element provides the catalog with
reference_latitude The reference_latitude element provides the new zero
reference_longitude The reference_longitude element defines the zero longitude
reference_object_name The reference_object_name element identifies the point,
reference_point The SUN_NORTH_POLE_CLOCK_ANGLE element specifies the direction of the
reference_point_desc The REFERENCE_POINT_DESC keyword is used in conjunction with the
reference_point_index The REFERENCE_POINT_INDEX keyword is used to give the precise
reference_radial_resolution The reference_radial_resolution element specifies a
reference_target_name The reference_target_name element provides the name of the
reference_time The reference time element specifies the moment in time to which other
reflectance_scaling_factor The reflectance_scaling_factor element identifies the
region_desc The region_desc element describes a particular
region_name The region_name element identifies a region of a planetary
registration_date The registration_date element provides the date as of which
release_date The release_date element provides the date when a data set or
release_id The RELEASE_ID element identifies the unique identifier
release_medium The release_medium element provides a textual description for the
release_parameter_text The release_parameters_text element provides a list of parameters
remote_node_privileges_id The remote_node_priviledges_id element identifies the
repetitions The repetitions data element within a data object such as
request_desc The request_desc element describes a user's request for
request_time The request_time element provides the date (and time, where
required_element_set The required_element_set element identifies the data
required_flag The required_flag data element indicates whether a data
required_memory_bytes The required_memory_bytes element indicates the amount of
required_object_set The required_object_set element identifies the ODL objects
required_storage_bytes The required_storage_bytes element provides the number of bytes
research_topic_desc The research_topic_desc element describes the topic of
research_topic_name The research_topic_name element provides the name of a topic
resolution_desc The resolution_desc element describes the resolution of and
resolution_time The resolution_time element provides the date (and time,
resource_class The RESOURCE_CLASS element indicates the type of resource associated
resource_id The resource_id element provides an unique indentifier for
resource_keyvalue The resource_keyvalue element identifies targets, missions, instrument
resource_link The RESOURCE_LINK element provides the url of a data set browser that
resource_name The Resource_Name element provides the descriptive name of a resource
resource_size The resource_size element provides the size in megabytes
resource_status The RESOURCE_STATUS element indicates the operational status of the
resource_type The resource_type element provides the type of the data set.
reticle_point_declination The reticle_point_declination element refers to the declination of the
reticle_point_latitude The reticle_point_latitude element provides the latitude of the surface
reticle_point_longitude The reticle_point_longitude element provides the longitude of the surface
reticle_point_number The reticle_point_number element provides the number of an
reticle_point_ra The reticle_point_ra element refers to the right ascension of the
revolution_number The revolution_number element identifies the number of the
revolution_period The revolution_period element provides the time period of
rice_option_value The rice_option_value element is a RICE compressor specific variable
rice_start_option The rice_start_option element is a RICE compressor specific variable
right_ascension The RIGHT_ASCENSION element provides the value of right ascension,
ring_ascending_node_longitude The ring ascending node longitude element defines the inertial
ring_eccentricity The ring eccentricity element defines the non-circularity of a
ring_event_start_time The ring_event_start_time element indicates the starting
ring_event_stop_time The ring_event_stop_time element indicates the stopping
ring_event_time The ring_event_time element indicates the instant at which
ring_inclination The ring inclination element provides the value of the angle between
ring_longitude The ring_longitude element specifies the inertial
ring_observation_id The ring observation id uniquely identifies a single experiment or
ring_occultation_direction The ring_occultation_direction element indicates the
ring_pericenter_longitude The ring pericenter longitude element defines the inertial
ring_radial_mode The ring radial mode element defines a modulation to a ring's
ring_radial_mode_amplitude The ring radial mode amplitude element defines the amplitude of a
ring_radial_mode_frequency The ring radial mode frequency element defines the rate at which
ring_radial_mode_phase The ring radial mode frequency element defines the rate at which
ring_radius The ring_radius element indicates a radial location within
ring_semimajor_axis The ring semimajor axis element defines the mean radius of an
ring_system_summary The ring_system_summary element provides a brief and
role_desc The role_desc element describes the role of an individual
rotation_direction The rotation_direction element provides the direction
rotation_noload_current The ROTATION_NOLOAD_CURRENT element specifies the
rotation_torque_parameter The ROTATION_TORQUE_PARAMETER element provides the open-loop
rotation_voltage The ROTATION_VOLTAGE element
rotation_voltage_name The ROTATION_VOLTAGE_NAME element provides the formal name
rotational_element_desc The rotational_element_desc element describes the
rover_heading The ROVER_HEADING element provides a clockwise angular measure of the
rover_motion_counter The ROVER_MOTION_COUNTER element provides a set of integers which describe
rover_motion_counter_name The ROVER_MOTION_COUNTER_NAME element is an
row_bytes The row_bytes element represents the maximum number of bytes in each
row_prefix_bytes The row_prefix_bytes element indicates the number of bytes
row_prefix_structure The row_prefix_structure element indicates a pointer to a
row_suffix_bytes The row_suffix_bytes element indicates the number of bytes
row_suffix_structure The row_suffix_structure element indicates a pointer to a
rows The rows element represents the number of rows in a data