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Element Name Description
sample_bit_mask The sample_bit_mask element identifies the active bits in a
sample_bit_method The SAMPLE_BIT_METHOD element identifies the method in which
sample_bit_mode_id The SAMPLE_BIT_MODE_ID element identifies
sample_bits The sample_bits element indicates the stored number of
sample_camera_model_offset The SAMPLE_CAMERA_MODEL_OFFSET element provides the location of
sample_display_direction The SAMPLE_DISPLAY_DIRECTION element is the preferred orientation of
sample_first_pixel The sample_first_pixel element provides the sample index
sample_last_pixel The sample_last_pixel element provides the sample index for
sample_projection_offset The sample_projection_offset element provides the sample
sample_resolution The SAMPLE_RESOLUTION element provides the
sample_type The sample_type element indicates the data storage
sampling_count The SAMPLING_COUNT element provides the number of data
sampling_desc The sampling_desc element describes how instrument
sampling_factor The sampling_factor element provides the value N, where
sampling_mode_id The sampling_mode_id element identifies the resolution mode of a wavelength
sampling_parameter_interval The sampling_parameter_interval element identifies the
sampling_parameter_name The sampling_parameter_name element provides the name of
sampling_parameter_resolution The sampling_parameter_resolution element identifies the
sampling_parameter_unit The sampling_parameter_unit element specifies the unit of
sar_average_backscatter The sar_average_backscatter element provides the values of
sar_footprint_size The sar_footprint_size element provides the value of the
satellite_time_from_clst_apr The SATELLITE_TIME_FROM_CLST_APR element provides the time
saturated_pixel_count The saturated_pixel_count element provides a count of the number
sc_earth_position_vector The SC_EARTH_POSITION_VECTOR element indicates the x-, y-, z-
sc_geocentric_distance The SC_GEOCENTRIC_DISTANCE element provides
sc_sun_position_vector The sc_sun_position_vector element indicates the x-, y-,
sc_sun_velocity_vector The sc_sun_velocity_vector element indicates the x-, y-,
sc_target_position_vector The sc_target_position_vector element indicates the x-, y-,
sc_target_velocity_vector The sc_target_velocity_vector element indicates the x-, y-,
scaled_image_height The scaled_image_height element provides the height on the
scaled_image_width The scaled_image_width element provides the width on the
scaled_noise_level The scaled_noise_level element provides an indicator of
scaled_pixel_height The scaled_pixel_height element provides the scaled height
scaled_pixel_width The scaled_pixel_width element provides the scaled width
scaling_factor The scaling factor element provides the constant value by
scan_mirror_angle The scan_mirror_angle element indicates the angle
scan_mirror_rate The scan_mirror_angle element indicates the angle
scan_mirror_temperature The scan_mirror_temperature element provides the temperature
scan_mode_id The scan_mode_id element identifies one of several internal rates for
scan_parameter The SCAN_PARAMETER element lists
scan_parameter_desc The SCAN_PARAMETER_DESC element describes the individual scan
scan_rate SCAN_RATE is the measured data rate at which an instrument scanned an
scet_start_time The scet_start_time element is defined as an alias for
scet_stop_time The scet_stop_time element is defined as an alias for
scientific_objectives_summary The scientific_objectives_summary element explains the
scientist_funding_id The scientist_funding_id is the NASA code which supplies
sclk_start_value The sclk_start_value element is an alias for spacecraft_
sclk_stop_value The sclk_stop_value element is an alias for spacecraft_
second_standard_parallel Please refer to the definition for first_standard_parallel
section_id The section_id element provides a unique identifier for a
sef_creation_time This element is unique to the AMMOS-MGN KEY_TIMES data file.
selection_query_desc The selection_query_desc element provides a query
sensitivity_desc The sensitivity_desc element provides a textual
sensor_head_elec_temperature The sensor_head_elec_temperature element provides the temperature, in
seq_id The seq_id element provides an identification of the
sequence_id The SEQUENCE_ID element provides an identification of the spacecraft
sequence_name The SEQUENCE_NAME element provides the title assigned to a particular
sequence_number The sequence_number element indicates a number designating
sequence_samples The sequence_samples element specifies the number of
sequence_table_id The sequence_table_id element provides an unique identifier
sequence_title The sequence_title element provides the title assigned to a
sequence_version_id The SEQUENCE_VERSION_ID element specifies the version identifier
sfdu_format_id The sfdu_format_id element provides the 12-character
sfdu_label_and_length The SFDU_label_and_length element identifies the label and
shutter_correct_thresh_count The SHUTTER_CORRECT_THRESH_COUNT element specifies the
shutter_correction_mode_id The SHUTTER_CORRECTION_MODE_ID element specifies whether shutter
shutter_effect_correction_flag The shutter_effect_correction_flag element indicates whether or not a
shutter_mode_id The shutter_mode_id element identifies the state of an
shutter_offset_file_name The shutter_offset_file_name element identifies the file
shutter_state_flag The shutter_state_flag element indicates whether a shutter (usually a
shutter_state_id The shutter_state_id element provides an indication of the state of an
sidereal_rotation_period The sidereal_rotation_period element indicates the time required for an
signal_chain_id The SIGNAL_CHAIN_ID element identifies the signal chain (electronic signal
signal_quality_indicator The signal_quality_indicator element provides a measure of
site_id Short identifier for each CMD site. See CMD Subsystem doc.
site_name The site_name element is used to describe the spacecraft
slant_distance The slant_distance element provides a measure of the distance from an
slit_position_angle The SLIT_POSITION_ANGLE element describes the orientation of the slit
slit_state The position of the slit on the Cassini UVIS instrument.
slitwidth The slitwidth element specifies the slitwidth of the instrument for a
slope_file_name The SLOPE_FILE_NAME element provides the file containing
smear_azimuth The smear_azimuth element indicates the direction in which
smear_magnitude The smear_magnitude element indicates how far an image was
snapshot_mode_flag The snapshot_mode_flag element indicates whether the instrument (usually a
software_accessibility_desc The software_access_desc element provides a description of
software_desc The software_desc element describes the functions performed
software_flag The software_flag element is a yes-or-no flag which
software_icon_file_spec The software_icon_file_spec element supplies the name of an image file
software_id The software_id element is a short-hand notation for the software name,
software_license_type The software_license_type element indicates the licensing category
software_name The software_name element identifies data processing
software_purpose The software_purpose element describes the intended use of the
software_release_date The software_release_date element provides the date as of
software_type The software_type element associates a PDS software type
software_version_id The software_version_id element indicates the version
solar_azimuth The SOLAR_AZIMUTH element provides one of two angular measurements
solar_distance The solar_distance element provides the distance from the
solar_elevation The SOLAR_ELEVATION element provides one of two angular measurements
solar_elongation The angle between the line of sight of observation and the
solar_elongation_sigma The standard deviation of the solar elongation determined
solar_latitude The solar_latitude element provides the subsolar latitude
solar_longitude The solar_longitude element provides the value of the angle
solar_north_pole_clock_angle The SUN_NORTH_POLE_CLOCK_ANGLE element specifies the direction of the
source_data_set_id The source_data_set_id element identifies a set
source_file_name The source_file_name element provides the name of a specific
source_id The SOURCE_ID element provides a unique
source_line_samples The source_line_samples element indicates the total number
source_lines The source_lines element indicates the total number of
source_name The source_name element supplies the name of the proponent
source_product_id The source_product_id data element identifies a product used
source_sample_bits The source_sample_bits element indicates the number of
spacecraft_altitude The spacecraft_altitude element provides the distance from the
spacecraft_clock_cnt_partition The spacecraft_clock_cnt_partition element indicates the clock
spacecraft_clock_start_count The spacecraft_clock_start_count element provides the value of the
spacecraft_clock_stop_count The spacecraft_clock_stop_count element provides the value
spacecraft_desc The spacecraft_desc element describes the
spacecraft_id The spacecraft_id element provides a synonym or
spacecraft_name The spacecraft_name element provides the full, unabbreviated
spacecraft_operating_mode_id The spacecraft_operating_mode_id element identifies a
spacecraft_operations_type The spacecraft_operation_type element
spacecraft_orientation The spacecraft orientation element provides the orientation of a
spacecraft_orientation_desc The SPACECRAFT_ORIENTATION_DESC element provides the definition, meaning
spacecraft_pointing_mode The spacecraft_pointing_mode element provides the pointing mode of the
spacecraft_pointing_mode_desc The spacecraft_pointing_mode_desc element provides information about the
spacecraft_solar_distance The spacecraft_solar_distance element provides the distance
spatial_summing The SPATIAL_SUMMING element provides the mode for on-board
special_instruction_id_number The special_instruction_id_number element is a unique key
specialty_desc The specialty_desc element describes an individual's area
spectral_editing_flag The spectral_editing_flag element indicates whether the spectral cube has
spectral_order_desc The spectral order desc element provides detailed information on the
spectral_order_id The spectral order identifier element defines the spectral order of a
spectral_summing_flag The spectral_summing_flag element indicates whether the spectral cube has
spectrometer_scan_mode_id The SPECTROMETER_SCAN_MODE_ID element describes the scan mode of
spectrum_integrated_radiance The spectrum_integrated_radiance element provides the
spectrum_number The spectrum_number element provides the number which
spectrum_samples The spectrum_samples element provides the number of samples
spice_file_id The SPICE_FILE_ID element provides an abbreviated name
spice_file_name The spice_file_name element provides the names of the SPICE files used
sql_format The sql_format element supplies the SQL data type used when
sqrt_compression_flag The sqrt_compression_flag element indicates whether or not square root
sqrt_maximum_pixel The sqrt_maximum_pixel element provides the maximum pixel value in an
sqrt_minimum_pixel The sqrt_minimum_pixel element provides the minimum pixel value in an
standard_data_product_id The STANDARD_DATA_PRODUCT_ID element is used to link a data product
standard_deviation The standard_deviation element provides the standard
standard_value_name The standard_value_name element provides a value for a
standard_value_set The standard_value_set element supplies the list of
standard_value_set_desc The standard_value_set_desc element is used to supply
standard_value_type The standard_value_type element indicates the type of
star_description The star_description element describes the properties of a
star_diameter The star_diameter element indicates the angular diameter
star_name The star_name element provides the identifying name of
star_window The star_window element provides the location and size of up to 5 star
star_window_count Galileo Solid State Imaging-specific. The star_window_count element
start_azimuth The START_AZIMUTH is the angular distance from a fixed reference
start_bit The start_bit element identifies the location of the first
start_byte The start_byte element in a data object identifies the
start_delimiting_parameter The start_delimiting_parameter element provides the
start_error_state The START_ERROR_STATE provides the state of the error flags
start_grating_position The NIMS instrument has only 17 detectors but takes data in as many as 408
start_julian_date The start_julian_date element provides the Julian date of the start of
start_julian_date_value The START_JULIAN_DATE_VALUE provides the full Julian date
start_orbit_number The start_orbit_number data element provides the the lowest
start_page_number The start_page_number element identifies the beginning page
start_primary_key In a TABLE object, the START_PRIMARY_KEY element indicates the beginning of
start_rescan_number The START_RESCAN_NUMBER is the scan line number at which the rescan
start_sample_number The start_sample_number element identifies the lowest of
start_sequence_number The start_sequence_number element provides the number of
start_solar_longitude The START_SOLAR_LONGITUDE element marks the beginning of a time range
start_time The start_time element provides the date and time of
start_time_base The start_time_base element provides the elapsed time from
start_time_et The START_TIME_ET element provides the time of data acquisition
start_time_from_closest_aprch The start_time_from_closest_approach element provides the
status_note The status_note element supplies a log of modifications
status_type The status_type element indicates one of a fixed number of
stop_azimuth The STOP_AZIMUTH is the angular distance from a fixed reference
stop_delimiting_parameter The stop_delimiting_parameter element provides the ending
stop_error_state The STOP_ERROR_STATE element provides the state of the error
stop_julian_date_value The STOP_JULIAN_DATE_VALUE provides the full Julian date
stop_orbit_number The stop_orbit_number data element provides the the highest
stop_primary_key In a TABLE object, the STOP_PRIMARY_KEY element indicates the end of the
stop_sample_number The stop_sample_number element identifies the highest of
stop_sequence_number The stop_sequence_number element provides the number of the
stop_solar_longitude The STOP_SOLAR_LONGITUDE element marks the end of a time range measured
stop_time The stop_time element provides the date and time of the end
stop_time_et The STOP_TIME_ET element provides the time
stop_time_from_closest_aprch The stop_time_from_closest_approach element provides the
storage_level_id The storage_level_id element identifies a particular storage
storage_level_number The storage_level_number element describes the position of a
storage_level_type The storage_level_type element identifies the type of
stretch_maximum The stretch_maximum element provides the sample value in a
stretch_minimum The stretch_minimum element provides the sample value in a
stretched_flag The stretched_flag element indicates whether a data object
sub_light_source_azimuth The sub_light_source_azimuth element provides the value of
sub_light_source_latitude The sub_light_source_latitude element provides the latitude
sub_light_source_longitude The sub_light_source_longitude element provides the
sub_object_name The sub_object_name element provides the template object
sub_solar_azimuth The sub_solar_azimuth element provides the value of the
sub_solar_latitude The sub_solar_latitude element provides the latitude of the subsolar
sub_solar_longitude The sub_solar_longitude element provides the longitude of the subsolar
sub_spacecraft_azimuth The sub_spacecraft_azimuth element provides the value of
sub_spacecraft_latitude The sub_spacecraft_latitude element provides the latitude of
sub_spacecraft_line The sub_spacecraft_line element is the image line containing the
sub_spacecraft_line_sample The sub_spacecraft_line_sample element is the image sample coordinate
sub_spacecraft_longitude The sub_spacecraft_longitude element provides the longitude
subframe_type The SUBFRAME_TYPE element specifies the method of subframing performed on
suffix_base The xxx_suffix_base element of a 1-3 dimensional qube
suffix_bytes The suffix_bytes element identifies the allocation in bytes
suffix_high_instr_sat The xxx_suffix_high_instr_sat element of a 1-3 dimensional
suffix_high_repr_sat The xxx_suffix_high_repr_sat element of a 1-3 dimensional
suffix_item_bytes The xxx_suffix_item_bytes element of a 1-3 dimensional qube
suffix_item_type The xxx_suffix_item_type element of a 1-3 dimensional qube
suffix_items The suffix_items element provides the sequence of
suffix_low_instr_sat The xxx_suffix_low_instr_sat element of a 1-3 dimensional
suffix_low_repr_sat The xxx_suffix_low_repr_sat element of a 1-3 dimensional
suffix_multiplier The xxx_suffix_multiplier element of a 1-3 dimensional qube
suffix_name The xxx_suffix_name element of a 1-3 dimensional qube
suffix_null The xxx_suffix_null element of a 1-3 dimensional qube
suffix_unit The xxx_suffix_unit element of a 1-3 dimensional qube
suffix_valid_minimum The xxx_suffix_valid_minimum element of a 1-3 dimensional
sun_find_flag The SUN_FIND_FLAG element indicates
sun_find_parm The SUN_FIND_PARM element is an array of values that provides the
sun_find_parm_name The SUN_FIND_PARM_NAME element provides the
sun_line The SUN_LINE element provides the line
sun_line_sample The SUN_LINE_SAMPLE element provides the
sun_sc_position_vector The SUN_SC_POSITION_VECTOR element defines the (x, y, z)
sun_view_direction The SUN_VIEW_DIRECTION element provides an array that represents a
sun_view_position The SUN_VIEW_POSITION element identifies a array which
support_request_date The support_request_date element provides the date that a
support_request_desc The support_request_desc element provides a textual
support_request_no The support_request_number provides a computer assigned
support_resolution The support_resolution element provides the textual
support_resolution_date The support_resolution_date element provides the date that
support_staff_full_name The support_staff_name element provides the full name of the
surface_based_inst_azimuth The SURFACE_BASED_INST_AZIMUTH element is identical to and
surface_based_inst_elevation The SURFACE_BASED_INST_ELEVATION element is identical to and has been
surface_based_inst_method The surface_based_inst_method element identifies the method used to
surface_clarity_percentage The surface_clarity_percentage element provides an estimate
surface_emission_temperature The surface_emission_temperature element provides the
surface_emissivity The surface_emissivity element provides the value of
surface_gravity The surface_gravity element provides the average
surface_ground_location The SURFACE_GROUND_LOCATION element specifies any point on the
surface_model_type The SURFACE_MODEL_TYPE element specifies the type of surface used for
surface_normal_vector The SURFACE_NORMAL_VECTOR element specifies a vector normal to the
surface_temperature The surface_temperature element provides the value of the
swath_width The swath_width element provides the number of pixels (in the X direction)
synodic_rotation_period The synodic_rotation_period element provides the time
system_bulletin_date The system_bulletin_date element is the date and time
system_bulletin_desc The system_bulletin_desc element is the text of a PDS
system_bulletin_id The system_bulletin_id element is a unique integer that
system_bulletin_type The system_bulletin_type element is a keyword that
system_classification_id The system_classification_id data element identifies a
system_event_date The system_event_date element provides the beginning date
system_event_user_note The system_event_user_note element provides information
system_expertise_level The system_expertise_level element identifies an