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Element Name Description
table_bl_name The table_bl_name element represents the data base tersename
table_desc The table_desc element provides the ascii text description
table_name The table_name element provides a unique name for a table
table_storage_type The table_storage_type element indicates the order of
table_type The table_type element denotes whether the table contains
target_center_distance The target_center_distance element provides the distance
target_desc The target_desc element describes the
target_distance The TARGET_DISTANCE element provides a measure of the distance from
target_geocentric_distance The TARGET_GEOCENTRIC_DISTANCE provides the distance
target_heliocentric_distance The TARGET_HELIOCENTRIC_DISTANCE provides the distance from
target_list The target_list element provides a list of all solar system bodies within
target_name The target_name element identifies a target. The target
target_parameter_epoch The target_parameter_epoch element provides the reference
target_parameter_name The target_parameter_name element provides the name of
target_parameter_uncertainty The target_parameter_uncertainty element provides the
target_parameter_value The target_parameter_value element provides the numeric
target_pixels The number of pixels in which the target appears.
target_sun_position_vector The TARGET_SUN_POSITION_VECTOR element provides the
target_sun_velocity_vector The TARGET_SUN_VELOCITY_VECTOR element indicates the x-, y-, z-
target_type The target_type element identifies the type of a named
task_name The task_name element identifies the task with which an
technical_support_type The technical_support_type element indicates the type of support
telemetry_application_id The TELEMETRY_APPLICATION_ID element is used to link a data product
telemetry_fmt_extension_type The TELEMETRY_FMT_EXTENSION_TYPE element provides additional
telemetry_format_id The TELEMETRY_FORMAT_ID element supplies a telemetry format
telemetry_provider_id The TELEMETRY_PROVIDER_ID element identifies the provider and or
telemetry_provider_type The TELEMETRY_PROVIDER_TYPE element classifies the source
telemetry_source_id The telemetry source identifier element identifies the telemetry (TLM)
telemetry_source_name The TELEMETRY_SOURCE NAME element identifies the telemetry
telemetry_source_type The TELEMETRY_SOURCE_TYPE element classifies the source
telephone_number The telephone_number element provides the area code,
telescope_diameter The telescope_diameter element provides the diameter of the
telescope_f_number The telescope_f_number element provides the value of the
telescope_focal_length The telescope_focal_length element provides the total
telescope_id The telescope_id element uniquely identifies a particular
telescope_latitude The telescope_latitude element indicates the planetographic
telescope_longitude The telescope_longitude element indicates the longitude of
telescope_resolution The telescope_resolution element provides the achievable
telescope_serial_number The telescope_serial_number element provides the serial
telescope_site_radius The telescope_site_radius element indicates the radial
telescope_t_number The telescope_t_number element provides the effective
telescope_t_number_error The telescope_t_number_error element indicates the error
telescope_transmittance The telescope_transmittance element provides the
temperature_translation_desc The temperature_translation_desc element provides
template The template element provides the identifier that appears in
template_bl_name The template_bl_name element represents the data base terse
template_name The template_name element provides the name of a template
template_note The template_note element provides the textual description
template_revision_date The template_revision_date element indicates the latest
template_status The template_status element is updated by the loader
template_type The template_type element provides a type or class of
template_use_indicator The template_use_indicator element indicates whether or not
terse_name The terse_name element supplies a twelve-character unique
test_phase_name The TEST_PHASE_NAME element identifies the
test_pulse_state The state of the Cassini UVIS instrument's test pulse mechanism.
text_flag The text_flag element indicates whether or not a data
threshold_cost The threshold_cost element provides the maximum cost which
time_from_closest_approach The time_from_closest_approach element provides the time with respect
time_range_number The time_range number is unique to AMMOS-MGN ephemeris files
timeout_parameter The TIMEOUT_PARAMETER element provides the time at which an operation
tlm_cmd_discrepancy_flag The tlm_cmd_discrepancy_flag element indicates whether or not
tlm_inst_data_header_id The TLM_INST_DATA_HEADER_ID element indicates the version of the
torque_constant The element TORQUE_CONSTANT specifies
torque_gain The element TORQUE_GAIN specifies the torque controller
torque_gain_name The TORQUE_GAIN_NAME element specifies the
total_fovs The total_fovs (fields-of-view) element indicates the total
total_rescan_number The TOTAL_RESCAN_NUMBER is the total number of rescan lines acquired.
transfer_command_text The transfer_command_text element represents the complete
transmitted_polarization_type Polarization of a signal transmitted by the instrument or other source.
true_anomaly_angle The true_anomaly_angle element provides the value of the angle between
truth_window Galileo Solid State Imaging-specific. Images can be edited so that
tuple_sequence_number The tuple_sequence_number element is used in all text
twist_angle The twist_angle element provides the angle of rotation about an
twist_angle_type The twist_angle_type element determines the specific mathematical
twist_offset_angle The twist_offset_angle element provides the angle at which