Label Template Design Tool

The Label Template Design Tool (LTDTool) is intended for designing label templates and is not intended to generate multiple labels in a production mode. The tool will generate a label template that is compliant with the latest PDS standards and data dictionary using an interactive label editor that gets input from the user, the PDS data dictionary, and the PDS standards, and outputs a PDS label template file that can be used in the creation of PDS data product labels. The user does not need to be a PDS expert because the tool guides the user through the label creation process.


Version 2.0.0
Release Date September 30, 2008
License Public Domain
Programming Language Java
Source Code Not available
Package Size 5.6 MB
Support Software Required JRE 1.4 or 1.5


Download the Label Template Design Tool

The Label Template Design Tool was specifically developed under Sun Java Version 1.4. It has been tested under Sun Java versions 1.4 and 1.5 and should run on any platform where Sun Java is supported. The tool should also run under other Java Runtime Environments (JREs) assuming they are compatible with Sun's Java 1.4.


2008-09-30, SH(EN) V2.0.0;

This release of the Label Template Design Tool represents the operational release for the Phase II targeted capabilities.