PDS-to-JPEG Converter

The pds2jpeg application is a simple utility that converts an 8-bit PDS image into a JPEG image for ease of viewing. Although the application can be executed from the command-line, it is most commonly used by Product Servers in the PDS Data Distribution (PDS-D) system for converting images on the fly.


Version 6.0
Release Date November 19, 2003
License Public Domain
Programming Language C
Source Code Not available
Package Size 1.7 MB (approx.)
Support Software Required Not Applicable


Platform Comment
Works on Linux Linux Built 32-bit binary on Red Hat 7.3 and tested on Red Hat Enterprise 3. Built and tested 64-bit binary on Red Hat Enterprise 4.
Works on Macintosh Mac OS X Built on 10.4.11. Tested on 10.5.
Works on Solaris Solaris Built and tested on 2.7.
Works on Windows Windows Built on XP with Service Pack 3. Requires at least Service Pack 2.


2009-10-23, SH(EN) Updated;

Although the source code has not been updated since 2003, the available binary executables have been compiled on modern platforms.