Proposing DAP Advanced Products

If you are considering delivering an advanced product to the PDS as a component of a Data Analysis Program proposal you should determine which discipline science node (see PDS Web Sites - left column) would be the one to interact with you during the production of the product.

Before contacting the node, develop a brief preliminary description of the science supported by the data, the general format of the data (i.e. table, array, cube, or complex structure), the data volume and timeline for delivery.

Contact the appropriate discipline science node to determine if what you are proposing is feasible and that the node can support your efforts. Discuss your plan and ask them for advice concerning formats, documentation, etc. and ask for a letter indicating that they are aware of your proposed effort and that they can support the ingestion your proposed products.

You may want to review the resources under Data Providers on the PDS homepage.

If your proposal is selected you should contact the discipline science node and establish a schedule for interaction with the node.

For more information on proposing, go to Information for Proposers.