Name: Science_FacetsVersion Id:
Description:The Science_Facets class contains the science-related search facets. It is optional and may be repeated if an product has facets related to, for example, two different disciplines (as defined by the discipline_name facet). Note that Science_Facets was modeled with Discipline_Facets as a component and Discipline_Facets was modeled with Group_Facet1 and Group_Facet2 as components. This dependency hierarchy was flattened and only Science_Facets exists in the schema.
Namespace Id: pdsSteward: pdsRole: concreteStatus: Active
Class Hierarchy: Tagged_​NonDigital_​Object :: Product_​Components :: Science_​Facets
 wavelength_​range0..UnboundedFar Infrared, Gamma Ray, Infrared, Microwave, Millimeter, Near Infrared, Radio, Submillimeter, Ultraviolet, Visible, X-ray
 domain0..UnboundedAtmosphere, Dynamics, Heliosheath, Heliosphere, Interior, Interstellar, Ionosphere, Magnetosphere, Rings, Surface
Referenced from: Primary_​Result_​Summary