Name: TargetVersion Id:
Description:The Target class provides a description of a physical object that is the object of data collection.
Namespace Id: pdsSteward: pdsRole: concreteStatus: Active
Class Hierarchy: Tagged_​NonDigital_​Object :: TNDO_​Context :: Target
 type0..UnboundedAsteroid, Astrophysical, Calibration, Calibration Field, Calibrator, Centaur, Comet, Dust, Dwarf Planet, Equipment, Exoplanet System, Galaxy, Globular Cluster, Laboratory Analog, Lunar Sample, Magnetic Field, Meteorite, Meteoroid, Meteoroid Stream, Nebula, Open Cluster, Planet, Planetary Nebula, Planetary System, Plasma Cloud, Plasma Stream, Ring, Sample, Satellite, Sky, Star, Star Cluster, Synthetic Sample, Terrestrial Sample, Trans-Neptunian Object
Referenced from: Product_​Context