Name: Type_ListVersion Id:
Description:The Type List class provides a list of values and their value meanings.
Namespace Id: ctliSteward: ctliRole: TBD_roleStatus: Active
Class Hierarchy: Type_​List
 type1..UnboundedAccelerometer, Altimeter, Atmospheric Structure Instrument, Camera, Charged Particle Detector, Dust Analyzer, Electric Field Instrument, Gamma Ray Detector, Gas Analyzer, Gravimeter, Imager, Imaging Spectrometer, Interferometer, Langmuir Probe, Lidar, Magnetometer, Mass Spectrometer, Meteorology, Microphone, Microscope, Mutual Impedance Probe, Nephelometer, Neutral Particle Detector, Neutron Detector, Photometer, Polarimeter, Radar, Radio Receiver, Radio Science, Radiometer, Relaxation Sounder, Seismometer, Spacecraft Sensor, Spectrometer, Spectrum Analyzer, Sub-Surface Tool, Surface Tool, Temperature Sensor, Weather Station, Wind Tunnel
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