Name: Color_Filter_ArrayVersion Id:
Description:The Color_Filter_Array class describes whether or not an image was acquired using a Color Filter Array (CFA) and if so, whether and how the CFA pattern was removed. A CFA is a method for making color images using one exposure on a single sensor plane, where microfilters of different wavelengths are put in front of pixels in a specific pattern. The most common pattern is the Bayer pattern, which has a red, blue, and two green pixels in every 2x2 pixel square. Although generally used for RGB color, CFA filters can be of any number and wavelength (see color_filter_array_type).
Namespace Id: imgSteward: imgRole: TBD_roleStatus: Active
Class Hierarchy: Data_​Processing :: Color_​Filter_​Array
 processing_​venue0..1Ground, Ground Refined, None, Onboard, Onboard Both, Onboard Hardware, Onboard Software
 color_​filter_​array_​type0..1Bayer RGGB, None
 color_​filter_​array_​state0..1Decoded, Encoded, No CFA
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Referenced from: Commanded_​Parameters, Imaging