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Description:The Polar_Stereographic class contains parameters for the Polar Stereographic projection. Synder 1987, DOI:10.3133/pp1395, page 154: https://pubs.usgs.gov/pp/1395/report.pdf#page=166 PROJ: https://proj.org/operations/projections/stere.html Note that most applications will either define latitude_of_projection_origin or scale_factor_at_projection_origin, but not both. Here we define latitude_of_projection_origin as mandatory and at CART LDD versoin 1934 have made scale_factor_at_projection_origin optional. For context, these two keywords have the same impact on the final product but are just different ways to define it. Thus, for example in the PROJ library, if both are made available, the latitude_of_projection_origin (+lat_ts) will be used instead of scale_factor_at_projection_origin (+k_0). Note, if you do supply the optional attribute scale_factor_at_projection_origin, the default scale (+k_0) for planetary polar data will mostly likely be set to 1.0.
Namespace Id: cartSteward: imgRole: TBD_roleStatus: Active
Class Hierarchy: Polar_​Stereographic
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Referenced from: Map_​Projection, Universal_​Polar_​Stereographic