Name: DownsamplingVersion Id:
Description: The Downsampling class describes whether or not downsampling occurred, the venue where it occurred (Software or Hardware), the method used to downsample, and the pixel averaging dimensions. A downsampled image is a smaller version of the image, resulting in reduced resolution of the same coverage area. The processing_algorithm attribute specifies the pixel resolution downsample method used. This varies by mission, but examples from MSL include: 'Mean' - Downsampling done in software by calculation of the mean., 'Conditional' - Use hardware binning if downsampling (by mean calculation) and subframe arguments are consistent.
Namespace Id: imgSteward: imgRole: TBD_roleStatus: Active
Class Hierarchy: Data_​Processing :: Downsampling
 processing_​venue0..1Ground, Ground Refined, None, Onboard, Onboard Both, Onboard Hardware, Onboard Software
Referenced from: Commanded_​Parameters, Imaging